Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Serendipity Zen

Labor Day weekend brought lots of sewing room time and a finish of Elaine's quilt! The last row and a half of quilting got completed on Saturday followed by the binding, which I did completely by machine. I texted Elaine and she immediately came over, being on this side of town already for dinner at BF Chris' parents' house. She waited five months for me to get the quilt together after the top was finished! It had its bath on Sunday morning and I delivered it to her. It was kinda windy when I took the photos but still shows the quilting and finish. I had no internet service yesterday so was unable to post.

Here is the pieced back. I don't think I showed this before, but it came out really well and I enjoyed creating essentially a two-sided quilt. This creativity came out of poor planning, ahem, e.g. not buying enough fabric and squeaking by with a layout that required a lot of math!

I deliberately let this be a raw-edge applique so the bird will get fuzzier--a symbol of my chick who just left the nest.
I also finished all the pieced rows for Rickrack Road and laid them over the fabric I bought for the alternate rows. It is not going to work, even if I tea-dye the fabric, I've decided. I realized what bothered me was that the fabric has no purple in it and that is one of the main colors. So I put the rows on a hanger and will have to search for something appropriate. Other sewing room tasks included washing and ironing a lot of fat quarters for two projects and spending some stitching time on a project already cut out. Boy, it sure is nice to have something all cut out and ready to go under the needle!


Julie in the Barn said...

Elaine's quilt turned out great. I love the little chick label. Very clever.

Lorraine said...

wonderful finish! love that it is a double sided quilt and the little bird label is too cute...well done...I am guessing she loved it!!

Stephanie D. said...

That turned out great! And I love the little label. It's so creative! Sue over at North Winds Quilting just did a post about labels. Yours should be added to the array.