Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two weeks update

I couldn't stop thinking about my friend and her son on Friday, and about noon yesterday I talked to her, one day after hospice had come in. She and her son were greatly unburdened by having those wonderful people there offering all kinds of different help--she said they got quite an education. Pat sounded so much more herself and her son was also feeling a lot better with some new meds and the extra care and attention. He is not bedridden but very weak, though he can walk down to the beach a block away as long as he has a companion with him. The hospice people said that "two weeks" is not necessarily the case and they will do what they can to help keep his liver functioning as long as possible. Definitely "a good thing" and I'm so glad they have these angels giving them strength and comfort.

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Tanya said...

It is amazing how one's spirit can be raised just by having people alongside you on a hard journey. The hospice people really are angels and it must be hard for them too but they willingly come into the pain and hurt of families. And so do you for your friend. She is blessed to have all of you.