Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween decorating

The little tumbler tablerunner's progress has been fun to work on. After sewing the tumbler rows together I cut the triangles out of the dot but it needed something more-- so on went a border made of strips from the charm scraps. I am getting my money's worth out of those 5" charm squares! I'm considering using some fall colors from my stash to make stripes on the back so the table runner will be Fall/Halloween. I used to have a Fall/Christmas one that I bought, but they didn't wash the fabric first and it got wonky when I washed it. Then later a ton of candle wax got stuck into it so it became trash, dangit!

These "75 cent bin" panel leftovers from the LQS turned out cute with just a little quilting and ribbon. I unfortunately don't know who made this panel but it is so old-fashioned and cute. This square came to work with me and adorns my cubicle at Job #2. The one on the left in the pic below I gave to Elaine for her their new place along with some spiderwebs, a banner, a pumpkin, and some other little haunted decor. I love Target for decorating on the cheap!

The backing came from my stash. I just did a simple stitch and turn and added some ribbon I had on hand for a hanger. The remaining panel square I am going to take to work and raffle off with a roll of the dice after everyone clamored for one of their own!

I am hoping to get my "Any Witch Way" borders cut and applied this weekend but am not sure if that will happen. Services for my Grandma will be Saturday in Bakersfield and my sister is flying in tomorrow night so I'll want to spend time with her. We may squeeze in a session in my sewing room, which she has not seen yet :).


*karendianne. said...

What fun things you have here to share. I love the little tumbler tablerunner!!! Well, truth be told, I love it all! If I don't hear from you and we don't catch up - blessings to you on Saturday my friend. Many blessings.

Warmly, *karendianne.

jovaliquilts said...

Happy Halloween! Cute decorations -- and doesn't it feel great to find a use for the little scraps somewhere in the quilt?

Tanya said...

Everyone makes so many nice things for Halloween but I haven't gotten around to doing much yet. I still haven't really Halloween decorated yet either!

Stephanie D. said...

Those are adorable panels--so cute for Halloween!