Friday, October 2, 2009


It's the end of a very looooonnng workweek, but as tired as I am and as hot as it's been, I plan to spend some time here tonight! I have a lot of cutting to do--:)
Last Sunday I had the first visitor to my sewing room who actually wants to quilt. I pulled out books, projects, magazines, fabric, UFOs, tools, lists, and babbled to my good friend incessantly about quilting for at least an hour solid. She was envious of my little sewing room and so excited about quilting that she vowed to go home and immediately rearrange her bedroom so she could set up her machine and start sewing! Tomorrow I'm taking her and another "wannabe" quilter to a local guild show (Simi Valley Quilt Guild) held on the Cal Lutheran College campus. They have a show every other year, I think, and the panel I made into this wallhanging I bought from a vendor at the last show I went to. I'd like to find that vendor again this year. Looking at quilts is always fascinating and it will be fun to have companions this time! Pics to follow. Luckily it is supposed to be much cooler tomorrow and that is definitely "a good thing".

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Julie in the Barn said...

So what are you cutting?? A new project? Luv your sewing spot. Did I ever tell you I have a twin to your Hoosier? Mine's in the kitchen and holds cookbooks and various everyday stuff, you know, pliers, batteries, envelopes, rubber bands, etc.It's sort of a giant kitchen junk drawer!