Monday, November 30, 2009

I quit

Today I quit one of my three jobs.  Well, I sort of quit, since I passed the job on to DD Erica and will have to work now and again for her depending on her school/her job #1's I guess my tally is about 2.25 jobs!  It will be such a relief to be able to actually stay at work once I leave my house for Job #2 and hopefully the 80 projects I am behind in completing at Dr. P's will get a better chance of getting finished.

Today the new receptionist started work and because I was sick and didn't work on Wednesday last week when I would have been getting together an orientation packet, I was scrambling and stumbling to get the information to her in a somewhat cohesive manner---Ha ha ha hee hee---hooo!  Luckily she is a low key girl and not easily ruffled by chaos, having worked in an Urgent Care for the past year or so.  Sigh.  I am a good teacher but wish I had been better prepared.  Oh well!

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*karendianne. said...

Yes, I agree. To actually stay in one spot - Job #2 - will be nice. Good for you!