Sunday, November 29, 2009

A little sewing

By the day after Thanksgiving I felt well enough to sit up for a few hours at my machine and knock out these swap blocks, which I have to get in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday!  I belong to an online Yahoo group for quilting called Quiltbuddies.  Each year we do a block swap for our anniversary.  This year it was my suggestion that we do houses and, as Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville used to be in this group many years ago before I joined, it seemed appropriate to suggest her pattern Happy Scrappy Houses.   The swap numbers shrank as time went on and I only had to make 11.  I've been using Bonnie's scrap users system for organizing my scraps so a lot of these pieces came straight out of my 2" strip bin.  Here are my Happy Scrappy Houses:

A favorite:

...and another favorite.

My suggestion was that whatever house swappers made, we leave the sashing and setting to the individual.  So these can be wonky like Bonnie's, straight set, surrounding a medallion town square, or in a row by row.  It was really fun to put these together and I made all 11 in an afternoon and evening.  I may make a bunch more as they are kind of addictive! 

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Banaghaisge said...

Gosh yours are lovely!!! I will post mine later today, whipped them up on Sunday and expressed them to Ann yesterday. She should have them in Wi tomorrow! Mine have kangaroos fussy cut and peeping out each of the windows...Around a town square sounds like a good idea.