Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crazy week, still sick, sorry no blogging!

Just a quick post to say the crazy work week kept me from finishing my Australia Travelogue.  Tomorrow I'll get to it, I promise, since I will be getting home EARLY on a Monday for the first time in many months, as job #3 is Erica's purvey now, yay!

And I am STILL sick!  Mostly I'm sick of blowing my nose, popping my ears, and coughing, although my energy level seems okay and I am sleeping better.  Two weeks of this cold is more than plenty, thank you. 

I have yet to purchase a single Christmas gift, though I did get to some decorating today and Grant put the Christmas lights up on Saturday while I was out.  The wreath is on the door and the mantle and kitchen decorated. 

More tomorrow, really!  I have trip pics, crafty pics, granddog pics, it's a photo explosion about to happen...


why not sew? said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Vivian said...

Looking forward to the photos to come. Taking care of yourself is your #1 priority. "Rest and push fluids," as the doctors say.