Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Granddog meets Russell

Elaine came over with her 9 week old Boston terrier puppy, Scully, last Sunday.  It was his first meeting with his Uncle Russell, our Australian Shepard (9.5 years old).  Russell responded mostly by ignoring him but alternately rushing the little pup and barking a lot.  Not too friendly, but Scully didn't mind a bit--he barked and leaped at Russell just the same!

Scully watching Elaine kick the ball...

..and scurrying away as Russell brought it back.

More scampering ahead of Russell.

My favorite action shot--ears flying!

He's small but unafraid for the most part, our little Granddog.

Here he is dragging around Russell's big bone, nearly his same size! 

Elaine said she has already taken many photos of her dog, but I sent her some of these anyway, they were so cute! Her boyfriend's parents are happy to dog sit anytime, and Erica is also a dog nanny for her sister, so Scully is well sorted while his people are at work.  Elaine said Scully needs a quilt, which prompted Erica to say that her cat Amelie needs a quilt too.  That "Quilts to Make" list never seems to get any shorter, does it, but I never imagined I would be making quilts for animals!

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Tanya said...

Welcome Scully! Hope to see more of you!