Monday, December 21, 2009

Wait! I'm not ready!

Christmas is upon us in a few days and my calendar needs a reset to about two weeks ago.  I only just finished writing our annual newsletter and got the photos printed at the drugstore, but unfortunately nothing has yet made it into an envelope...oh, well, it will be better late than never AGAIN this year!!

A recent post by Carol made me recall that my Aussie friend Susie bought me two ornaments when we were out shopping, to remember my visit.  Aren't these cute? 

The kangaroo is tin and the Koala some kind of plaster or resin.  They are hanging prominently on the tree for all to admire.  My sister has flown in, my youngest brother and his family drove in, my niece is coming, and soon about 18 family members will gather at our house for Christmas dinner.  The house is all decorated and the menu and seating set.  With luck I will have finished up the gift shopping and wrapping tomorrow night...wish me luck!


loulee said...

I must admit, I'm normally more organised. I blame it on my holiday, you could too! LOL Cute ornaments.

Lorraine said...

you sound very organised to me!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

Vivian said...

Great souvenirs of your recent trip. Definitely cute tree ornaments.
Enjoy your family time. I agree--you do sound organized.