Monday, January 4, 2010


Serious O.M.G. hit my kitchen counter today---my Moda Greenpiece BOM box arrived, gift wrapped with a handwritten card to me and everything!  My sweetie Grant placed the order for me over my objections to the extravagant cost by the end of the 10 month program (upwards of $300, gulp).  The box had Block One fabrics, all the yummy wools, instruction sheets, and Block Two fabrics.  These are gorgeous fabrics in deep tans, plums, browns, and a gorgeous buttery yellowy tan print for the backgrounds.  I loved it online, but in person it is to.die.for! 

I was so excited about this package's arrival that I called the FatQuarterShop customer service a week ago, expecting the delivery that soon, since Grant ordered it on the 24th.  Though it was shipped out the same day, UPS took its time, sending the package first to two different cities in Texas, then north to Louisville, KS, which baffled Kathy, the customer service rep I talked to.  It then made it west to California but was routed to three different places in LA before getting up to me in Ventura.  And that was called "on time" delivery for a 3 day package!  By my calculations, starting from when it was catalogued in on the 27th, it should have been to my house the 31st.  Now, I know I have a little trouble with math sometimes, but sheesh, even I can handle single digits! 

I'll post pics when I get new batteries for my camera.  I have also been working on a baby quilt and will take pics of that too.  Now on to less exciting tasks, like cleaning the cat sewer and doing 2 wks of laundry.  Ah, Monday!


Lorraine said...

wow....great mail.....better late than never.....sounds ultra-yummy!! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your baby quilt as well.....eeeeeeeeeeeeuw....good luck with the other tasks!!

Quilt Hollow said...

Better late than not at fun!

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, the pressure of a BOM--and the hubby who bought it for you!

Just kidding. Can't wait to see it all together! We will get monthly updates, right?