Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two finishes!

Scully the Granddog received his quilt:

Backing is some microfleece and a couple of strips of plaid to make up width of the remnant.

Love those ears!

Scully loves to be under the covers!  He already started to chew on the "S" but I told Elaine not to worry about it--it is an inexpensive quilt for a dog and not an heirloom so he can drag it around and chew on it all he wants!

On Sunday, I completed my nephew's quilt.  In record time (for me!), in one day I pieced the backing, sandwiched and pinned, machine quilted the quilt with simple diagonal lines per the pattern, attached and sewed down the binding by machine, and even made and attached a label!  It was a long afternoon and evening but I am really happy to have it finished well before John's March birthday. 

My goals for January were to complete three projects...only one is left and I have already started on the hand quilting of the mini.  Progress is good!  I'd like to keep that up all year.  Imagine, three finishes a month would give me a big pile of quilts by the end of the year!

Of course, their was a new twist thrown into this mix: DD Erica picked out the quilt she wants me to make for her and on Saturday we picked out fabrics for the pieced blocks, lots of pretty prints in purple, green, pink, and cream.  This quilt pattern calls for dupioni silk for triangle points on the blocks and the outer border is cotton velveteen, which we have yet to pick out, as well as the background fabric.   The pattern is "Material Matters", from the Fall/Winter 2009 Quilt Sampler magazine.  It called for 12 fat quarters but we couldn't find enough that we liked so bought 1/3 yard cuts, which were very generously measured by the shop clerk (meaning lots of yummy leftovers!).  Erica says she wants the quilt by her birthday--which is the first week of March!  Hmm, we shall see...

Also, yesterday I received the Month 3 BOM set for the Moda Greenpiece quilt and that means I am now behind six blocks!  I'd better get started. I've been a little afraid to cut into that gorgeous fabric so have been acquainting myself with the directions thoroughly and will get the wools washed tonight.  The fabrics are truly luscious.  So, onward and forward, lots of interesting and beautiful fabrics to work with and different projects to keep my interest :)


Vivian said...

Progress made, and more plans made as well. That nephew's quilt was done in a snap! You're busy, busy, busy.
Small world -- our granddog is also named Scully -- a female puggle, whose head keeps getting smaller (daughter refuses to admit that Scully is fat).
That Greenpiece quilt looks to be quite the adventure. It's gorgeous. And making a new quilt by March -- when are you going to sleep?

Stephanie D. said...

Love that pic of Scully with his quilt! He looks quite comfy all snuggled up there.

And what a cute little boy quilt--very colorful!

What? No photos of DD's quilt fabrics? I feel cheated. lol Okay, then, when you get them all together. Sounds very spring-ish and I'm liking that thought these days.

Tanya said...

Pretty, pretty baby quilt there! I KNEW I'd found the link through one of my blog friends but I couldn't remember where. Yes, because of you I followed the link and sewed up my own baby quilt for a friend. I went hunting for juvenile prints but no can find in Japan so I ended up plain. Still, I was very pleased. Your quilting lines look so clean and neat! Thank you so much.