Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day always makes me think of my elementary school days and the smell of paste and construction paper...I also miss the days my kids used to bring home their little art projects from school.  Some I will never be able to part with!  Here are the two other Valentines I made this year:

I unintentionally chose the exact size needed for the border squares/sashing--a no-math miracle for me!  I had intended to just sew squares together and then whack them off wherever, but they ended up fitting perfectly.  Who knew four 2" squares (plus cornerstones) would fit a 6 1/2" block?  Not me!

A closeup.  Random placement of squares but I like all the fabrics jumbled up here.

This single one I made for my office roommate but arranged the squares in the same sequence circling around the heart.

Looks lik the Valentine Flag on the back!

My office roommate is now asking for a St. Patrick's Day quilt giveaway.  I am a soft touch when people ask me to make quilty things, so yesterday I bought some nice green fabric and will be on the hunt for a good St. Paddy's Day free pattern.  Anyone have a link for me?

Hope your Valentine's Day is spent with those you love, human or animal!


Vivian said...

Cute Valentine projects. I like the scrapiness of the borders.
I have a link to a lady who had a list of St. Patrick's day blocks and quilts. I haven't checked out her links, but it looked like a promising list. Anybody who sends you to Quilter's Cache has done her homework.

You'll have to copy and paste the link which is the following:

Good luck.

loulee said...

Your hearts are great.
How about a mini Irish Chain quilt for St. Paddys day?

Quilt Hollow said...

Wonderful little tidbits of love! :-) Do you have a shamrock?

julieQ said...

I really love your hearts! Very cute, just wonderful. I got some valentine's fabrics today!

Jeanne said...

The borders add just the right touch! I'll keep an eye out for a St Pat's design.
Jeanne :)

jovaliquilts said...

I love the scrappy look of your valentine's piece. And I know what you mean about all those cute things the kids would bring home. Remember woven valentines out of red and pink and white construction paper.

Stephanie D. said...

I love the little Valentine scrappies! So festive!