Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Thank you all for participating in my little blog's one year anniversary.  I hope there will be many more to celebrate, and some giveaways in between too!   The most popular binding choice was caramel/cheddar--which is what I selected for Grant's quilt too (the blue was the backing on Grant's quilt).

Everyone's name was typed up and popped into a bowl:
Grant fulfilled his task admirably and a winner was selected.

Aaaannnndd .....

It is Banaghaisge!  You should have heard Grant trying to pronounce the name on the slip---very entertaining!  By coincidence the winner is also a member of the online quilter's Yahoo group I belong to, Quiltbuddies.  Congratulations, Jasmine, all the way DownUnder, in the searing heat at present.  Sorry I can't send you ice cream too.  The little quilt will be bound and sent off to you soon along with the patterns.    Happy Quilting, Everybody!


Vivian said...

Congratulations to Jasmine on her win, and well done, Grant!
Annie, your blog has encouraged me to check out the meaning of 3 things. Of course I was curious about the original "ort". But in your last post I had to check out the origin of "on the QT" and now Banaghaisge.
We're never too old to learn something new.
How I wish I could enjoy just a little touch of Jasmine's searing heat. Maybe she can fan a bit of it this direction and melt some of this unwelcomed snow cover.

Libby said...

Congrats to the lucky winner and especially to you on your blogging milestone *S*