Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughtful designer

About a month ago I was visiting designer Sandy Gervais' blog, Pieces From My Heart.  She started her blog last year and I have been reading it regularly.  Very creative, funny and talented lady.  The quilt I made Grant was one of her designs, so I have been a fan for a long time.  Sandy posted that they had some scary news about her mom, who was diagnosed with colon cancer.  I expressed my sympathy and concern, as did many other commenters.  Upon checking back, this post gave the news that her mother was able to come home from the hospital and as appreciation, she had gathered the comments, cards and emails and picked some names for a giveaway.  What a thoughtful thing to do, I thought, as I continued reading.  Then, my name was on the list!  Well, sort of my name.  I sent an email and Sandy confirmed that I was indeed selected to receive a Turnover of Frolic.  I love Frolic and had been petting a layer cake in my LQS just the week before.  A package arrived within a week and I am the happy and grateful recipient of this:
80 precut 6" triangles of Frolic, a line that has so many of my favorite colors.  I have already bookmarked some Moda Bakeshop ideas but for now am just happy to look at it.  The caramel popcorn was half gone by the time I took this photo last night and is now 3/4 gone!  It was really yummy (company name is The Chocolate Season).  So, thank you again, Sandy Gervais, for your thoughtful and unexpected gift in your time of worry and concern. I hope your mom is feeling okay and getting the care she deserves. 

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Vivian said...

Just catching up on some overdue blog reading. Congrat's on this giveway. Sandy Gervais lives less than an hour west of our town. What a talented gal she is.