Monday, May 24, 2010


Not being much of a joiner myself, this blogging thing has been great for "meeting" people and sharing stories, laughter, real life, and of course quilting.    I love spending time in blogland, to the detriment of my "finishes" list, I know.

The Bloggers Quilt Festival third edition has been a lot of fun.  I hesitated to join in--just for a moment--because I knew it would involve more sitting-at-the-computer time and of course it did, all enjoyable!  There are some very talented designers and quilters out there, and lots of new cult inductees--er, I mean new quilters to encourage.  I think I've gotten to probably several dozen blogs by now, some familiar, many new.  I appreciate all the commenters on my entry and welcome a couple of new followers. I'll continue checking out entries over the week. 

I also joined in on the Spring Fever Blog Bingo at the In Stitches shop's blog.  Words being my thing, it was right up my alley (I should probably have mentioned this before entries closed.  Sorry!)  Plus-- prizes, yay!

JudyL is hosting a weekly mystery quilt series beginning June 1 that I am joining as well.  That will be a new to me experience.  Wanna play too?  Judy has posted all the fabric requirements and cutting instructions on her sidebar under "Mystery Quilt".  She is also doing a QOV thingie this Memorial Day weekend but I think I will be spending that time cutting for the mystery quilt.  I'm pondering my choices at present, mostly because I want to use what I have on hand.   

Lastly, I am considering joining Karen's Snowball Night.  It sounds like a good time!  Still pondering that one, though, given the list of WIPs and UFOs I want to get through, and here it is nearly half the year over.  Having some drama at work (both jobs) is not helping right now with my stress level, so escaping into new projects is especially enticing!

Some seams did get joined in Erica's quilt over the weekend too.  The rows were all pieced and sewn together, lacking only the large setting triangles in the corners to complete the center of the top.  One more step got crossed off the list! 

What are you joining?


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Good grief Annie - you have joining fever. I'm doing Karen's snowball night and I'm not a joiner either, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Hope the work stuff gets sorted soon, but if not bury yourself in quilting and blogging. It works for me !

Vivian said...

I'm not much of a joiner either (is that a trait of transcriptionists who prefer to work quietly in their own little world?).
But I also posted for the Quilt Festival, and I have one word so far in the online bingo game. That snowball night sounds intriguing, especially after seeing some of the gorgeous quilts she posted.
Ah, so little time -- so many quilty things we could be doing.

belinda said...

Hey....I just joined the Clamshell club over at