Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Camarillo Quilt Guild eye-candy

First, on the sewing front, I have now put together eight blocks for Erica's quilt--that leaves 16 to go before the top can be assembled.  I'll show those sometime over the weekend probably.  They are so pretty!  Also I finally talked to my newly married friend who had not opened the wedding gift for three days but loved the zigzag quilt and said it was already in use as a throw on their bed.  So pleased they liked it!   Okay, now on to some more quilty goodness:

Erica said, "Hmm, I wonder why you like that one" (sarcastically of course!)

Okay, so its red and green (and cheddar!).  Of course I love it!

This is not applique but quilt crayon of some sort, with embroidery.  Each block was a little bigger than the size of a regular sheet of paper.

Fantastic, and I loved the sashing and framing.

Very pretty Lone Star.  This pattern is on my list of "someday" quilts.  Again with the piecing and applique.

Civil War prints, with excellent piecing work. 

Another piecing and applique mix I loved.  The yellow background was different and pretty.

There were several of these in the show, but this was my favorite. Says Spring, doesn't it?

The medallion has a 3D effect I liked. 

Someone tell me, is this reverse applique?  Very nicely done, anyway!

I loved the story of this double wedding ring quilt.  It was large and really beautifully sewn, quilted, and bound--a finish after 78 years!  That beats my Grandma's yo-yo coverlet, which has a label that says "Made 1934, Tied 1997".
I have one more batch of quilt pics to post, if you can stand it!


belinda said...

Oh yes....more quilty goodness please!! And I sooo love that first one too!!

Quilt Hollow said...

Enjoyed the eye candy!!