Thursday, May 13, 2010


Just another random collection of stuff...

People will take anything if you label it FREE...Dr. P and I spent two afternoons last week cleaning out our office storage/garage (we had a mouse problem and the ladies refused to use it as their break room for months).  We stacked a ton of unwanted crap in the alley behind the garage with a FREE sign--Halloween decorations, old vases, office supplies, some old chairs, etc.  All of it was gone over the weekend except for a cubicle partition wall and a big bag of pillows that were in a leftover plastic bag labeled Hazardous Waste.  But if they had been in some other kind of bag I bet they would have been snatched up!  Hmm, will have to try that.

Do any of you read the household hints column by Heloise?  Well, there was rather a head-scratcher in a column this past week.  A woman wrote in that she finds that if she is trying to remember something for the next day, like not forgetting to take something to work, that if she leaves something out of place, like a bra over a lamp, it will trigger her memory as soon as she sees it the next day.  OMG!  Grant said, when I read him this through my laughter, "Why doesn't she just write herself a note?"  Too funny.  (Personally, whatever I want to take with me I put by my purse or keys or straight into my car! There, a free hint from me).

On the topic of names, today I was waited on in a restaurant by a girl with the name tag "Geahna".  Oh Lord. "Gina" is declasse or something?  Over the weekend I read the birth announcements in the local paper and someone had named their daughter "Sophia Ladybug".  Seriously? And  I recently heard of a baby named Pella.  All I can think of is the window manufacturer! 

I will really miss "Lost" when it ends this month, having been a fan from the first show 6 years ago, and thought it was a really popular show.  But I noticed that in the Nielsen ratings printed for the week that it was only 25th in viewership, and I think I know the reason why.  Too damn many commercials!  It's much easier to watch full episodes online, with only 30 second commercials to tolerate (albeit the same one over and over).  This phenomenon is probably affecting Nielsen's for other shows available online too.    

And finally, I live in a city of 100,000+ people and sometimes it is the smallest world!  Elaine called me today to tell me that her boyfriend's brother has been dating (and has practically moved in with) a girl who used to work in our office as a receptionist some years back.  Amazing!  Also, almost everyone in town knows my oldest brother because he is a small businessman, high school teacher, former sports coach, a Cub Scoutmaster, etc., so even though I am long out of school, I still get, "Oh, you're Kevin's sister".   This happened when I ran into an old childhood neighbor and she was introducing me to her daughter.  Here's a pic of my oldest bro and me from Mother's Day:
You can kind of tell we're related, but I got all the hair. Hee hee.  He's a great guy and I'm very proud of him.  Lastly, here's Elaine with her Uncle Kevin and his three sons, enjoying a lift on Mother's Day.

Okay, that's all for now!  I'm off to sew more blocks for Erica's quilt...or maybe something else (shhh, don't tell her!) 


Quilt Hollow said...

Chit chatty today weren't ya?! Love it! You got that right...FREE is wonderful! You think that name was different...we watched the news last night on some guy's name Jesus Christ III!

Vivian said...

Thanks for some laughs and a lot of head nodding, agreeing with your random observations.
Have a great weekend, Ms. writer of orts.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I used to love Lost. I think it really lost me in the 3rd season. Too much jumping around . I had to think too hard.

Anyone who chooses Ladybug for a middle name for their child should be saving already for the years of therapy their child will need when she discovers she's been named after an insect.
By all means call your child "Ladybug" as a nickname, but to actually saddle your kid with that legally (rolling eyes here )

*karendianne. said...

You mean Erica's quilt is in the works and there are no pictures yet? Oh lordy bee I'm dying!!! And friend, listen, I never watched LOST but I attempt to watch a few other things and you're right: Too damn many commercials!

I'm enjoying Netflix a lot more lately. The commercials on TV really (for serious like) get on my nerves. I'm obviously short on nerve endings.

*karendianne. said...

BTW, I like your Blog List. It gets me all distracted and I can't keep up on where I should be visiting but... it's still fun!

Libby said...

Oh the name thing - too funny. I thought about 're-spelling' The Princess' given name. But after a moment, it became clear that it was still the same name - not unique - and would only cause her to NEVER have a personalized item as a souvenir. Instead we went with the tried-and-true spelling. Also we are fully aware that she will one day be choosing our retirement home - her name won't be held against us *s*