Friday, July 23, 2010

California Gold

Today I picked up my sister's friend Dawn from the airport and showed her some California Gold, namely the gorgeous city of Santa Barbara.  After strolling the sidewalks of downtown State Street and getting some lunch in an outdoor cafe, we walked over to the next block to see the beautiful Santa Barbara County Courthouse (look for it in the background of a scene in "It's Complicated"--Meryl Streep running across the street after a Farmer's Market visit).
Uh oh, scaffolding on the clock tower.  Maybe it's closed!  We checked with the information desk and luckily it was still open so we could get these vistas:
Looking southeast towards the ocean and home.  The coastal marine layer is seen hanging over some of the hills in the distance.  It played nice and stayed offshore while we were in Santa Barbara.
Looking northwest towards a future sunset.

Hey, there are quilts down there on the lawn!

Dawn officially loved Santa Barbara!
A group of tourists heading through the beautiful huge archway to the front of the building. The beams in the ceiling are all hand painted.
You know I had to get a closeup of that quilt!  There must have been plans for a concert later in the sunken garden as these picnic spots were all unattended.  We took our leave of Santa Barbara and drove down the coast to Ventura, where I dropped off Dawn at my parents'  house.  When I got home there were two packages waiting for me on the porch.  One was my Moda Greenpiece BOM (I'm now 6 months behind!) and the other was the giveaway prize I won from Kim.  I thought I was getting this:

Which I did.  But included in the stuffed package was a lot of unexpected gold...

Wow, definitely hit the Mother Lode here.  Kim sent one of her own patterns, Cherry Delight, along with another Kate Spain charm pack and a matching panel, the two other patterns shown and the charm pack of Boutique.  Very very generous and totally a surprise.  Thank you so much Kim!  Now, off to bed as it will be an early morning meeting to caravan to the Long Beach show, and a full day of quilty goodness!   


Joyful Quilter said...

Looks like you had a great visit with your sister. What a nice win!

Pokey said...

Hope you and Dawn enjoy Long Beach, what could be better than company at the quilt show?

Nicole said...

You know how to show a girl a good time! Have fun in Long Beach!

Stephanie said...

Love the simplicity of that quilt. Santa Barbara is such a beautiful city. Not too far from Solvang either!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

What beautiful views Annie. It looks exactly like I imagined. Congrats on the haul too. It couldnt have gone to a more lovely person.

Vivian said...

Thanks for making the climb to high altitude to show us the lovely view. Gorgeous city! It's so totally different from what we see here if we climb a local water tower -- cornfields and tractors.
What fun to receive such a great gift package. Congrat's!