Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Orts--8/17/10

I nearly forgot about Tuesday's Orts!  Luckily my brain is full of stuff to share :)
  • County Fair favorites:  Indian Fry Bread with powdered sugar and associated shower of dust coating my face and shirt with each bite; little kids sunburnt in strollers; people watching--and the gawking at totally inappropriately dressed girls and women; The Children's Barnyard with baby animals.  This year there was a miniature donkey named Annie!  And of course all the lights, music, rides, and exhibits. We haven't missed a Fair in 25 years and hope to keep up the streak.
  • I forgot how easy it is to change a room with paint.  We put two coats of primer over the blue/gray/black stripe Nick had painted his room at the rental house.  Then a final coat of eggshell finish paint and it looked all brand new--and boring white! 
  • The rental agent's remark on seeing a bright blue wall in the garage: "It makes the garage look short".  What?  So we peeled the gloss paint off like skin off a sunburn.  Kinda fun, actually.
  • It turns out moving my sewing room downstairs was perfect timing with warmer weather now hitting us.  Nick says it is "a billion degrees" in that south facing room.  He exaggerates, it is only a MILLION degrees.
  • I ordered my sewing desk.  It has been five days since I placed my order and that seems soooo long ago.  Now that it is nearly here I'm imagining how I'll have to relearn a sewing posture that doesn't involve raising my shoulders and arms! 
  • Next week school starts again.  It still seems wrong to me that it isn't September after Labor Day for the first day of school. 
  • Can't have a post without a pic or two.  Here are the last of the Fair photos:
Are these diaper towers popular in your area for baby showers?  Start with a tub of baby wipes and make cake layers from rolled up disposable diapers, adding toys, teethers, etc.  This one has bunny-eared slippers on top, pretty cute! 

This painted box was so pretty, but difficult to get a photo of because it was in a glass case with lots of other painted treasures.  The box was about 12 x 18 inches in size.  Delicate beauty!

This crocheted shawl won one of the Best of Show awards,  The maker had lots of other Halloween-themed entries and did pretty well for herself in the sweepstakes.
This muted, more modern looking quilt caught my eye too.

Pretty nice freehand feathers!  I thought it was a 1st place quilt but since I am not a judge I guess I was overruled!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Great treasures from the fair, I love the quilt... I have been tossing around an idea for applique circles on a very linear quilt and... there's your photo! Hmmmm. The quilting is very cool. My DIL received a similar diaper "cake" at a baby shower last Saturday!! The "short" garage comment is just plain silly.

Libby said...

Fry Bread *mmmmm*
I feel the same about the start of school. Remember (back in the dark ages *s*) when we started school the day after Labor Day then in just a day or two we were on a holiday for California Admissions Day? Such a great way to 'ease' back into the routine!

Vivian said...

The culinary highlight of any fair we attend has to be the fry bread. Nothing else like it.
I haven't attended a baby shower with a diaper "cake" yet, but I've heard they're quite the rage locally and great fun for anyone who hasn't seen one.

Stephanie D. said...

I love to go to the fair! Ours isn't until next month, so will just have to enjoy yours vicariously.

Tanya said...

It was lovely to meet you in person Annie. Very nice picture of the two of us on your July 27th post! Please tell your mom that I used her hand cream yesterday (it resides in my purse as I'm sure it was residing in hers) and I thought of you all. I am finally getting around to visiting blogs again. I'll stop by more often!