Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's Orts--Sept 14, 2010

Today's Orts are variable with a chance of sneezing and coughing...
  • This time of year brings a weather statistic I enjoy, mostly because it is far away from my city:  The national extreme temperatures quoted in the paper are both in California, less than 300 miles apart.  Today it is going to be a high of 111 degrees in Death Valley, and in Bodie there will be a low of 19 degrees.  I have been to Bodie, a miner's ghost town in the Sierras that is now a National Park, but have never been to Death Valley.  Temperatures can be over 120 degrees there often in the summer, so I surely won't go then!
  • My nose is chapped from too much tissue interaction and my ribs are sore.  But I'm wondering how many calories I have burned off with the sneezing and coughing I've been doing the past four days. 
  • A house across the street is in foreclosure and the now divorced woman and her kids have moved out as of Sunday.  We neighbors may be taking over the lawn care chores.  One of them already edged the larger section of grass.  We all worry about how long the house will remain empty and how the low sales price might affect our home values.  This is not a good feeling.
  • Traffic rant of the week:  It really isn't necessary for you to floor it and pass me on the quarter mile section of the highway before it ends/merges into the freeway.  Because you are going to end up in the slow lane anyway, DUMMY. 
  • I am completely lost in the college evaluation process.  Erica got accepted to ASU and we need to check out the school.  Luckily we can stay with my brother Ted who lives in Scottsdale.  We were debating driving vs flying--the latter would be more expensive though probably more practical.  Erica quickly asserted that we can borrow Ted's Corvette and that I won't be driving, as she's the one who needs to learn the roads.  That girl is quick, I tell ya!
  • The housekeepers were here last week and one of them held up a couple of stacked cardboard trays to ask if they were trash.  I told her no, they have a use.
Yes, I keep my cat in a CPK tray, you got a problem with that? 

I originally brought these home from a luncheon at the office--they held buffet size foil pans--thinking they would be good for transferring parts from one place to another in the sewing room.  They were lying on the floor and Mini climbed in.  Purpose defined--so be it!


loulee said...

Why is it that cats love boxes, until it's time to go to the vets?

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

On the up side if you keep coughing you could end up svelte.

I imagine the college stuff is tinged with elation, and a little sadness as well as the madness!

Joyful Quilter said...

I'm thinking the calories used sneezing and coughing are offset by the extra snot wieght...LOL...hope you are feeling better soon.

Stephanie D. said...

Drive carefully! When will this take place?

Sorry about the cold--heck of a time of the year!

Libby said...

Love that the neighbors are going to chip in on the yard work - that's the kind of helping hand we should work on offering these days *S*

Lori said...

LOLROF! Love the photo!!
I remember the college thing oh too well. Decisions, decisions...

libbyquilter said...

Mini is so-o-o cute~!~
and what a great napping spot she's claimed.

i hope that you get to feeling better soon.


Ramey Channell said...

I just discovered your delightful blog! I come from a family of quilters and sewers ... (that should be People who sew!) I'm presently working on a special Drunkard's Path quilt for my book promotion. So glad I found your cheerful blog!

Ramey Channell

The Painted Possum

Pokey said...

Lots of thoughts here, Annie! I'm sorry about the cold and misery, though. Love the new cat bed lol of course, they are NOT trash, what was the housekeeper thinking...!

Tanya said...

Ooh. My kitties would love a tray like that!

Hope your cold is better.