Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesdays Orts--Nov 23, 2010

Another edition of the "orts"--the bits that float around in my head and land here every week.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It's all about family and no pressure of gifts, except for the gift of yummy food and lots of talk and laughter.  
  • Thanksgiving always makes me miss my Grandma Thelma so much.  She was a fantastic cook, all her life, and made putting together meals for dozens look easy.  She always wore an apron and despite her neck and hand arthritis, would stand and peel or cut for hours.  She made the best pies and the best gravy.  The first time we hosted Thanksgiving at our house, she came to help me.  When I told her that I had never made gravy her jaw dropped.  I will never forget that!
  • Grant had arthroscopic knee surgery last week for a torn meniscus and did really well, except for the part where he forgot to elevate his knee overnight and had a lot of pain the day after surgery.  Thankfully, it was just the one day.  He was expecting A pluses from the doctor at his postop visit.
  • Traffic rant:  This week I'm talking about grocery store traffic.  People!  You are not alone in the store.  Push your cart to the side and then walk over to the shelf.  Likewise if you run into a friend or neighbor and begin chatting, don't stop in the middle!  Also, when leaving the register, please walk more than 1 mm per minute so that folks behind you can get out of the store.  Thank you.
  • My life is so exciting on the weekends.  I scrubbed grout for an hour and a half, went grocery shopping, and made lists.  Oh, and I watered houseplants.
  • My mom and dad bought me a beautiful birthday gift while they were back east (or is Ohio Midwest?):

A gorgeous miniature Shaker wooden box.
    It has teeny tiny brads holding the bent wood, which is Birdseye maple sanded and finished to an incredible smoothness.
    I love it!


Kate said...

Thanksgiving prep going on at our house to, but we only have to do desserts, our assignments for dinner at the in-laws. I wish I had learned to make gravy from my Grandmother, she made the best!

Here, Here on the grocery traffic rant! You nailed it. I love your traffic rants! I commuted in Houston for about 6 years and so apprecaite your sentiments.

Have a great Thanksgiving

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Having listened to all of my blog buddies talk about Thansgiving I raised the idea of doing it at work next year but in September since in Australia we dont do it at all. Mainly I just want turkey...

Love your shaker box.

Glad to hear Grant is on the mend. Hope he gets a good report card from the doc.

I completely identify with your weekend. I keep all those bits out of my blog because nobody would come to read if I laid bare the mundane-ness that is my life sometimes. I dont envy you grout scrubing. Thats an awful job.

And yes..I hate grocery shopping for that reason. How can I be expected to zip up and down aisles at light speed if people are cluttering them up. And why does everyone leave their shopping until I finish work?

Barb said...

What a wonderful box.....

julieQ said...

That little oval box is just so pretty! I think your traffic rants are hilarious...and right on! Happy Thanksgiving, Annie!

Lorraine said...

Happy Thanksgiving.....sounds like a great family get together....and what is it with the grocery shopping - I would get it if everything was going to be closed for several weeks...but any time before a holiday here is manic at the supermarket.....totally agree with all the points you made...I think my pet "dislike" (hate is such a strong word..LOL) is the cluttering up of aisles by people gathering to chat..wouldn't it be better to meet outside the store after you have shopped...perhaps over a coffee..much more civilized. Love the little shaker box...too cute!

Vivian said...

Beautiful box. What's going into it? Something special and dear? something quilting related?

Blessings to you and your family.

Stephanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Ohio is on Eastern Standard Time and really on the cusp of East Coast but I consider it the Eastern Midwest! Lovely box.

quiltingnana said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stephanie D. said...

A big AMEN to the grocery store airheads! And if that's not enough, the grocery store itself puts all these "stand-up" displays in the aisle, further impeding traffic. Our store just doubled its size this summer, and guess what? Stand-up displays are back. Sheesh.