Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Decorating

A picture heavy tour of holiday decorating here at Casa de Orts:
My kitchen's garden window.

The holly cups are vintage--a gift from a dear lady I used to houseclean for many years ago.  The Santa cup is newer but not that new!

I made these from a Nancy Halvorsen book.  I love her designs.

Raindrops on my poinsettia.

It got pretty tall this year but is not as lush as last year due to all the weird weather changes we had.

Our Noble fir tree stuffed into the already full living/dining room!  Tree skirt made by me.

Some favorite ornaments--this little mouse in a walnut shell I've had for many years.

A cute plaque I painted some years ago.

Mittens I had fun making.  I made lots of these and gave some away.

Of course the kids' projects from school. This is Nick in preschool.

Dear little twins in a wagon.  It is actually red and white check but the flash washed it out.

And perhaps my favorite walnut shell baby with the dotted flannel.

The sideboard with some of Grant's grandmother's sequined satin balls.

Of course my favorite one is green!  Blogger seems to want me to stop uploading pics so I'll split this into two posts.