Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday fun and a finish

My intention last evening was to go straight home after work and get DD Elaine's tree skirt finished and also work on some last minute gifties for my co-workers.  But I was waylaid by a phone call from DD Erica asking if I was going to my mom and dad's for dinner.  I chose dinner!  Is there anything more fun than sitting around with your brothers and sister, nieces and nephew, mom and dad, husband and kids and telling family stories, laughing, eating homemade minestrone soup, and talking over each other?  It's this that makes me feel rich!   I must say I feel sorry for "only" children at holiday time as they have no siblings to rib or relive childhood adventures with. 

Finally I tore myself away at nearly 9:30 and headed home.  I sat down at the sewing machine probably around 10ish and finished the tree skirt about 12:30 after a few fits and starts at unsewing and unquilting. 

Perhaps it was not the best choice to stage the skirt on top of those placemats--the reds are clashing!  (See my cute shiny ball salt and pepper shakers in the top right corner--of course the red one has the pepper in it!)

I decided simple was best and only buttonhole stitched/simultaneously quilted around the ornaments.  I used the "tube" method of continuous bias binding construction found here, and like the effect of the rick-rack stripe fabric.  This small tree skirt surprisingly required over 120 inches of bias binding, which I cut from a 19" square of fabric.  I used the tail end to make the ties. 

Here's hoping this is not my last finish of the year--my sister flew in last night and brought her sewing machine with her.  She also gave me a fabulous gift--a Supreme Slider sheet.  Thanks, Kathy! This will help a lot with my work on Erica's quilt, which has remained untouched for two weeks since I did the first round of free motion fleur de lis!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Vivian said...

You're perfectly described my favorite holiday event--the brothers and sisters and inlaws (and outlaws) talking and reminiscing, the grandkids running around and the food inhaled as quickly as it's set out. I'm hoping we'll get to my family Christmas on Sunday. Weather has prevented it two years in a row. Maybe this year.

The tree skirt looks great, and that simple outline stitching is definitely enough.
I have a Supreme Slider and I keep forgetting to use it! Maybe tuck it in the drawer with my quilting gloves? Enjoy yours and let us know how it works.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, Annie.

Michele said...

Your tree skirt looks great! Congratulations on a finish! Merry Christmas!

Libby said...

Yeah for the finish - Merry Christmas!

Shay said...

The tree skirt rocks and the binding is perfect!

Family dinner sounds very much like our family dinners !

Merry Christmas Annie to you and your rowdy family.

Quilter Kathy said...

Congrats on a terrific finish...the binding really sets it off perfectly!
Enjoy the richness of laughter and visits with family!

loulee said...

Love your tree skirt.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Lou xx