Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday's Orts--Dec 21, 2010

Another edition of the orts that float around in my head and land once a week on my blog:
  • Rainy California--I sure recall more drought years than rainy ones.  In fact, the drought years are the reason we no longer cut down our own Christmas trees--too dry, too many dead needles, bugs, and spiders!
  • I've yet to get my annual holiday newsletter out.  I've ceased to call it a Christmas card since so often it doesn't get in the mail until a day or two before that. 
  • We had our staff luncheon last Friday and each brought a White Elephant gift.  Somehow when the party is small it lacks the Dirty Santa aspect, though one gal had her gift stolen twice (once by me).
  • Why is it that the color of tops/sweaters I most want to buy are unavailable this year?  I'm talking about that deep berry/maroon and also caramel or dark tan.  Manufacturers should make way more cardigans than pullovers, IMHO. 
  • A type of clothing I do not understand:  A short sleeved turtleneck.  Sleeveless turtlenecks are even more puzzling.  Why cover your neck and not your arms?
  • Somehow I always have the urge to weigh myself when I feel fattest.  This is self-defeating, to say the least!  Anyone else do that?
  • Update on my driver's license:  After calling the DMV seven weeks after I renewed my license online, and requesting a paper temporary license upon being told it takes the state 60 days to process the new security licenses, I did receive my license in the mail.  The actual license arrived on Monday and the paper license arrived on Wednesday.  Our government at work...
  • Traffic rant:  Somehow, even making it a law in California that you must turn on your headlights if you have to use your windshield wipers appears not to occur to some people.  Even if they drive a silver car and are on the gray freeway in the pouring rain.  Poor visibility = turn on the headlights, you idiot!  Oh, and slow down while you're at it. 
  • My eldest nephew had a birthday over the weekend.  He threw an Ugly Christmas Sweater party to celebrate.  Erica and her friends had a great time at the thrift store finding the perfect party wear:
Of course they did glam them up by making these matronly denim shirts into mini-dresses!


Shay said...

I dont get the short sleeved turtle neck thing either- and Ive often wondered about it - thanks for putting it out there...

Michele said...

I just heard of someone else having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party recently. It sounds like fun. I wonder why this is becoming a party theme, if it is, and how it got started? Just wondering.

Kate said...

I've discovered that it doesn't matter what color it is, if I want it my size or my daughter's size, that is the one size they don't have? Why is that?

Vivian said...

An ugly Christmas sweater party sounds like great fun.
Glad you finally got your driver's license. If you'd been stopped, would the officer have cut you some slack with the license ordered but not delivered?