Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday's Orts--Dec 28, 2010

Oh, dear, it's pretty late for this edition of orts, but here goes:
  • Christmas Eve we had a few guests for dinner--my mom, her brother Jim, and my sister Kathy.  It was really nice to have only part of the horde over!
  • The broiler in our oven decided not to work so I had to transfer 10 pieces of garlic toast from the big oven to our tiny toaster oven, in twosies.  Why does it seem to be only on holidays that appliances refuse to function?
  • My uncle and Grant played guitars and sang after dinner, running through some of Grant's band's playlist.  After one song, Uncle Jim said he was having trouble following some of the chord changes on the page until Grant explained that they were for the bass--which is what their lead singer plays.  Mystery solved!
  • Our Christmas morning tradition was always that we didn't care what time the kids got up, they could creep out and get their stockings, but the parents were not to be disturbed before 8:00 AM.  The kids still open their stockings first but these days the most popular item in them are the $50 prepaid gas station cards Santa brings.
  • I got the book Word Play Quilts from DD Elaine, which has the word I made for Tonya's Cake quilt.   My word is SOAR--it's in the quilt on the cover!  My name is even listed inside the book!  Very exciting.  I'm inspired to add words to some of my older UFOs.  I'm thinking it would be fun to give names to each of the witches in my Any Witch Way quilt.  Any suggestions for names?
  • Erica and Elaine both had gifts which were too bulky to wrap, so I sent each of them to another room to find their hidden gifts.  Elaine was really happy, since none of her packages were the right shape to hold the boots she wanted most!  
  • Dinner at my mom and dad's was wonderful.  My brother barbecued filet mignon in the rain, sheltered by the patio table's umbrella and assisted by co-captain Nick. All 21 of us feasted on filet mignon, oven roasted veggies (I tried a parsnip for the first time--it was delicious), salad, baked potatoes and creamy Sue's potatoes, and crusty french bread, followed by stuffing ourselves with multiple choice desserts.  It was a lovely Christmas.
  • Elaine really liked her tree skirt.  I delivered it a couple of days before Christmas and she posed with her dog, Scully:

It was a great fit! 


Pokey said...

Congratulations, I guess that makes you a "cover girl"!
What fun, guitars and singing and filet mignon! I was at the wrong dinner party (yes I like parsnips, too.) So, just what was creamy, Sue or her potatoes...? (a little tease) love. pokey

Shay said...

Wow! Your Christmas Orts Edition makes Christmas at Annie's sound so fabulous. I'm really taken with the idea of filet mignons for Christmas lunch!

I swear im going to try that next year!

Shay said...

Oh and I love that you're a star with the book too!

Kate said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas (other than the broiler). Aren't quilty gifts fun! Sounds like you are enjoying yours.

Lori said...

It sounds like a wonderful Christmas except for the broiler!!

Julie in the Barn said...

It sounds like your holiday season was a great success even if there was no jello to go with the filet mignon. Congrats on your celebrity status! Not just in the book but ON the cover! Wow.

Quilter Kathy said...

Hey...you're famous! I asked Santa for this book and it is apparently on it's way to me, but hasn't arrived yet.
Love the word addition for the witches quilt...how about Samantha or Endora from Bewitched, or Elphaba and Glinda from Wicked??

Vivian said...

Your Christmas meal sounds like something at an elegant, upscale restaurant. What fun it must have been.
I like Kathy's suggestion for words in the witch quilt -- names from books, movies, or TV would be familiar and fun to use.
I'm glad you were able to work through your broiler problem. The main heating element in our oven quit working late in the day on the Wed before Thanksgiving one year--near disaster!
I feel honored to know someone who's published, both on the cover and inside the book. Good for you!
Happy New Year to you and Grant and your family, Annie. On to 2011!!

Lorraine said...

sounds like a fabulous day...filet mignon(s) for lunch - yum! Can't believe you waited until now to try parsnip! Love them roasted! And congrats...you are famous! Happy New Year....bring on 2011!

The Calico Cat said...

Love the Ort concept!

The Calico Cat said...

I forgot my specific like - the twosies of garlic toast. Twosies are quilters term! :o) (I think anyone else would have called them pairs.)