Friday, January 28, 2011


We took my mother in law out to dinner the other night for a birthday celebration--she will be 92 on Saturday.  Frances is very mobile and though she is getting forgetful about some things, she says she only noticed that "since she's been 91".  We ran into an old friend of ours at the restaurant, who met Frances and told her that her own granny had lived to be 99 and 1/2, and was healthy up until the end.  Frances said, "Well, I only have eight more years to go!"  Too funny. 

Here's Grant with his mom last August.

On another note, DD Elaine, who reads my blog regularly, complained that "there were never any fun facts about her in Tuesday's Orts".  So, look for something special next week, my dear!

There has been no crafting this week due to late nights at work and just being too tired, and I'm beginning to get a bit cranky.  Last night I required retail therapy on the way home from work and found Kohl's to be nearly deserted, so there was lots of room to roam for bargain shopping.  Gotta love 50% off clearance racks!   I gravitated to my favorite colors and came home with two green shirts and a teal embellished sweater.  I was dismayed by the return of a fashion item--the cropped sweater, as well as by the very loose, long and shapeless sweaters that don't have a front closure.  I don't think these flatter anyone but the very thin.  I'm already a bit loose and shapeless and need to counteract that, not emphasize it!  Give me more structured jackets and sweaters that create the illusion of a waist, please.  

Lastly, DD Erica called late last night with the news that she has a job interview tomorrow with a bank.  Arizona is a right-to-work state so the pay will be less than she's used to, most likely, but she's excited about finding a job so fast.  She says every Starbucks in town is looking for help so she may take a second job for some extra cash.  Excellent news! 

Okay, off to work at Job #2...


Darlene said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Frances - wishing her lots and lots more. :-)

Good luck to Erica with the job hunt.

Shay said...

Happy Birthday to Frances. That's quite an amazing period of longevity she has achieved.

There are some fashion periods/cycles I also despise and cropped and long shapeless is one of those. Long shapeless is everywhere here this summer. I tried it and looked like I was wearing a potato sack (with all the potatoes still stuffed in the bag )

Good Luck to Erica on her job hunt.

*karendianne. said...

A very happy birthday to Miss Frances. What a treat to have her in your life. Nothing but good vibes for Erica! :)

Clothes! Sheesh. Have you tried to buy jeans lately? Something about your rear end showing up when you bend over. How can THAT be right? I feel I'm aging.