Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Jan 4, 2011

First orts of the year! 
  • Suddenly the reality of DD Erica moving to Arizona is slapping us in the face.  Yesterday she was changing her address on bank accounts and has been finalizing lists.  Packing should commence next week.  Yikes!
  • Grant told her at dinner that she can't go, he will miss her too much.  "D-aa-a-d!" she said.
  • Having my sister here for the holidays was fun.  It's so great to have quilting buddies around.  We went to Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks on Dec 31st, the last day of their special holiday sale and they were closing early.  A customer was wandering around the store looking desperately for her glasses, which she said she knew she had when she walked in.  It took her about 20 minutes to find them---they were on the floor by the front door.  Hard to believe they didn't get stepped on!
  • Traffic rant:  Bonehead of the week award to the driver in the far right lane with his left turn signal blinking.  The car in the lane next to him (and in front of me) slowed to let him change lanes.  Left turn signal guy slowed to a crawl (while we were probably both shouting at him to get over) and then turned RIGHT, into a parking lot.  Grrr!
  • Vacation days pass at twice the rate of workdays.
  • I have 11 days to finish Erica's quilt and make six pillows for her couches.  Have you seen how much feather pillow forms cost in fabric stores?  Double yikes!  I'll be hitting the discount stores.
  • My final Christmas gift arrived yesterday, courtesy of DS Nick:

Regular readers may recall I was the lucky winner of a fat quarter stack of Sanibel from Heather Mulder Peterson in a giveaway some months ago.  Now I'll be able to put them in a quilt by her design!  I favor the one on the cover of Livin Large, or another one from that book, Square Dance.  The table runners/table toppers are irresistible in the On the Run book--very quick and easy techniques perfect for precuts. 
    And finally: Okay, so maybe I didn't QUITE get all the Christmas stuff put away!


Michele said...

I believe I have a stack of boxes like that around here somewhere.......just when you thought you were finished you find one more Santa hiding out!

Shay said...

When you do your traffic rants Annie I visualise what the bonehead was doing as Im reading. Until today I often struggled because I finally remembered you all drive on the wrong side of the road. (DUH @ me )

Dont you dare turn my blonde moment into one of the subjects of next weeks Tuesday Orts!

I hope things go well with Erica's move.

Julie in the Barn said...

My stack of boxes looks much worse. I just started yesterday and have santas, garland and doodads strewn on every surface. I haven't even started on the tree yet! Yikes!

Your new patterns look challenging to me. Anything harder than a 9 patch gets set aside at my house. I'm struggling with HST today. Bye bye, Erica. Be sure to call Daddy often. Good thing AZ. is fairly close.

Quilt Hollow said...

Isn't amazing how the holidays can trash ones house? Love what comes in boxes....hubby is so quick to tidy up that one year he tossed a gift card!

Banaghaisge said...

Merry New Year to you!!!!
And I love your Kitchen Sink quilt - well done! XXXX

Vivian said...

Another great Tuesday post. A child moving away is such a mixed bag of emotions--happy for her to be on her own and away from Mom and Dad, happy for Mom to have more time to do her own thing, sadness thinking about the empty chair and the vacated bedroom -- but that's life.
I like your header photo. Here we find them only in pots, for sale at the nursery in December, and then they're gone. Are those in your yard?!?