Thursday, January 20, 2011

UFO and Other Progress

I'm all ready to put together the quilt sandwich for #6 on the UFO Challenge list, my Comfort Zone quilt:

That striped fabric is the backing, pieced and trimmed to size.  The binding is made and I've got batting too.  Now to rent time in my mom's studio and her tables so I don't have to crawl around on the floor while pinning.

Other progress was the completion of one of the embroideries for the pillow fronts for Erica, and starting the second.  Two more to do after that. The printed fabric will be the back of the pillows so they will be reversible.

I love all the colors in this fabric Erica picked out.  My brother and SIL generously left two couches in the guest house for Erica to use and the pillows will look nice against the creamy off white slipcovers.

Crate and Barrel had reasonably priced feather/down pillow inserts.  I ordered six and they came in a huge box with all this bubble wrap, cushioning PILLOWS.  Pretty funny!


Kate said...

Congratulations on the UFO progress, you are way ahead of me.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful pillows. That's so funny about the bubble wrap and pillows. You know bubble wrap is a wonderful stress reliever too!

Shay said...

The pillows are going to look beautiful. How is Erica settling in?

Michele said...

Bubble wrap on pillows...too funny! I love the fabric colors! I hope she is doing well.