Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Jan 18, 2011

January is speeding by awfully fast!  Today's orts are quite a mix...
  • Human beings are not made to sit for excessively long periods.  So says my tailbone, which is sore from intensive sewing/quilting sessions and two 8 hour road trips in two days.
  • Erica's heavy social calendar, especially the last few weeks before her move, will probably be the hardest adjustment for her to make.  Next will be getting a job, as she has been unemployed for several weeks, having quit her jobs in preparation for the move.  Her dad was casually mentioning to the clerk at the hotel upon checking out that we just moved our daughter to AZ and she needed to find a job.  The clerk said they needed help there, immediately, as two people had recently left and a third had given two weeks notice, and handed Grant a business card.  You never know what a little idle conversation can turn up. 
  • What is it about traveling that tires you out?  You are often just sitting but as soon as you get to your destination, it seems all you want to do is sit or lie down.
  • Driving on a two lane highway is an exercise in lane changing.  Pass a truck, move back over for a speeder.  Pass a truck, move back over for a speeder.  We must have done that 200 times each way.  This was one of the trucks we passed:
This frightening sight out the front window was actually a Wal Mart truck cab being towed.
  • Traffic rant:  L.A. freeway drivers.  I told Grant that the HOV lane must stand for High On Velocity.  So many terrifyingly fast drivers changing lanes and zooming by.  It was totally nerve wracking for over two hours until we got out of the county. 
  • My eldest nephew made the front page of our newspaper today.  It was for a good deed and, being Matt, involved animals.  Read all about it here.
  • It was good to get back to my sewing machine and work on something easy for a change.  Last night I pieced the back to my UFO Challenge quilt of the month, and also a few rows of the Kitchen Sink Quilt.  Very satisfying!
  • Finally, another photo.   
Any ideas for a caption?


Shay said...

Driving on your freeways just looks plain scary.

Good on your nephew. What a champion!

Michele said...

Wow, your nephew is a good guy! What a nice thing to do :) I'm glad they got back home :) my caption would be "Yikes!"

Darlene said...

"Got Junk" :-)

Libby said...

We used to see those pickup trucks stacked oh-so-high fairly regularly - always a precarious thing and certainly something that is never seen here in New England. Even that makes me nostalgic for 'home' *s*

Lorraine said...

will check out the good deed when I get a chance...but the mention of your "kitchen sink" quilt made me think that the truck was carrying everything but the kitchen sink - although it may well have had one of those on board as well...!

Ruthie said...

Have a seat

Stephanie D. said...

Good for Matt! Hope the bank does something nice for him as well--they got some good publicity off of that!