Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mid week play

Boy, I started my Wednesday with a workout--pulling out the refrigerator turned into quite a wrestling match, but it was past due for a vacuuming and wiping behind it.  Mini supervised me closely, to make sure I didn't slack off until it was completed. 

It's been really windy here, very dry winds that are unusually cool, as opposed to the hot Santa Anas that we are usually treated to. 

My patio chair's cushion took a sail to the lawn!  Oops, maybe I should have taken the photo after I emptied the dish drainer...

Due to a patient-free day at work, I was actually able to leave before dark.  I took the pedestrian bridge over the freeway towards the beach.

In all the years I have been driving, a train has never been on this trestle as I've driven under or over it.  I find that amazing since I pass this trestle currently up to 10 times a week at all different times, and lived downtown three separate times in my early 20's. 

Of course, as soon as I passed over the bridge and was on the pier, the train whistle sounded and I waited to see it cross the trestle!  Can you see the colored area in the photo?  I tried to highlight the blue roof of the Amtrak train.  Doesn't that look like a fun play structure?  

Our pier is reported to be the longest wooden pier in California.  You can see the Channel Islands in the distance, which are a National Park and uninhabited by humans.

More islands to the northwest.  I'll take this walk a lot more often after work once the sun sets a bit later!

After dinner play included cutting the sashing pieces for Sunday Picnic, the Brown Bag Quilt Contest project, and stitching up the first two blocks.  Liking it so far.  

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jovaliquilts said...

I've never been to the Channel Islands...maybe one day! I'm liking your blocks!

Shay said...

I loved seeing the things you see. More! I feel like I'm actually there.

I love the blocks you did . They're gorgeous. Truly.

And how does one get a patient free day at work? We have pupil free days in schools here four times a year. I've never heard of patient free days.

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing the sunny photos! This morning it was -27 F when we left for work, with 18 inches of snow on the ground. I'm ready to see the sun and the beach!

The Brown Bag blocks are looking great.

Marg said...

The blocks are looking really great, I love the contrast.
Thanks for sharing your photos, it's great to see a bit more of the area you live in.

Vivian said...

I enjoy seeing photos where you live and work.
I like your blocks too. B/W added to any color makes such a dramatic combination.
I think you were right 2 or 3 posts back--the black appears to be Dimples (from my limited knowledge of lines of fabric).