Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last Saturday was spent outdoors.  I know, amazing, right?  My mom and I went to a BBQ for charter members of a botanical gardens project in the hills above our downtown.  We parked our car behind city hall and were shuttled up into the hills.  Our driver was an old friend so we chatted and laughed on the way up.

It was a bit hazy but there was no wind and it was a perfectly comfortable 70 degrees. This is looking south towards L.A.  That  mountain range in the distance is the Santa Monica Mountains (you can just make it out on the left middle portion of the photo.  I told you it was hazy!). 

We lunched on tri tip, chili, salad and garlic bread prepared by the Rotary Club, amid a colonnade of Peruvian pepper trees.

You hopefully can see the end of the pier sticking out, to the left of the tall building in the photo.  I showed you the pier up close here last week.

The Anacapa Islands are in the distance, about 13 miles off the coast.  The breaking waves seen beyond the palm trees in the foreground are at Surfer's Point, and there are always boards in the water.  See how steep this road is!

From the garden BBQ we walked down to view a new rock wall that is being built by master stonecrafters.  Someone had created this really cool balanced sculpture, which is about 3 feet high.

My mom and I couldn't help creating one of our own.  A bit less impressive, eh?

This is a dry stacked stone wall about 8 feet high and probably 60 feet long.  It is just beautiful.

The road leads to the Serra Cross Park.  Grant and I were married here 26 years ago.  Mom and I chatted with a couple who were at the cross planning their own wedding.  Father Serra, a Spanish Missionary who founded multiple missions in the state in the late 1700's, placed the original cross at this site.  It has since been replaced several times.  The city was forced to sell the property due to a lawsuit for separation of church and state, and now it will become part of an ambitious botanical gardens plan.

Mom and I decided to walk back to our car, down the very steep, narrow road.  We enjoyed vistas like this the whole way.

This archway is the entrance to Grant Park and sometime in the future the botanical gardens.

The plan covers a very large area of the hillside and has many hiking trails.  Proposals also include a cafe and picnic areas.  

My hiking partner.  Today is her birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mom!

We both loved this Craftsman style house at the bottom of the steepest part of the road.  Wish my photos were better.

 I had fun with Picasa making this shot look like a tinted postcard.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Libby said...

Tri-tip, beans, salad and bread . . . . every central coast girl knows that that is a meal sent from heaven *S*

jovaliquilts said...

Wonderful tour, thanks! Love the balanced rocks and your tinted postcard.

Shay said...

I had to google Tri Tip to see what we would call it here - it would be rump or round steak. I'm telling you we speak two different languages sometimes. Anyway I digress.

Thank you for another brilliant virtual tour. I loved seeing where you got married.

I just noticed my first comment wasn't on the beauty of your views or the fabulousness of the day - I went straight for the food. Time for breakfast!

Happy Birthday Annie's Mom!

Kate said...

Very cool tinted post card. Looks like a beautiful place.

Lindah said...

Thank you for the photo tour. Beautiful!

Happy Birthday to your Mom. She looks terrific!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful day...and to think it started snowing here again!

Vivian said...

I enjoyed the tour.
The photo you're using for your header is gorgeous, and the picture postcard effect looks just like ones from the 30's and 40's.
Happy Birthday to your mom. She looks like she's rarin' to go! It's such great fun, trying to keep up with our moms.