Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--April 5, 2011

Today's orts are as varied as always.  I'm a bit distracted!
  • Being a WORD girl, I am often bothered by phrases people utter unthinkingly, like "already pre-cut" and "already pre-stained".  Somehow the double positive is more annoying than a double negative.
  • I've been keeping an eye on Cincinnati weather, since my Mom and I will fly there on Thursday.  Seems my raincoat and a lightning rod will be necessary.
  • Friday was April Fool's Day, and the ladies at the office locked the gate to the empty parking lot and parked in front of building, pulled all the blinds down, and were going to turn on the alarm system and hide when I arrived.  Unfortunately they caught the file clerk instead of me because I took the day off unexpectedly. 
  • Traffic rant:  Folks who aggressively push shopping carts around in stores should be assigned one of those bicycle flags that sticks up so you can avoid them.
  • The satisfaction of finishing two quilts last week lent quite a glow to my weekend.  I felt very free to rummage and plan my next piecing project.  I decided to play with leftovers inspired by the red and white quilt exhibition in New York.  Some broken dishes blocks set into a table runner. 
  • Grant has been doing a lot of cleanup in the planting beds.  I see seedlings and mulch in my future.
  • One day last week I took a lunch break at a local hamburger joint.  I recognized a former classmate I hadn't seen in 30 years.  The reason I recognized him was because he had the locker below mine for seven years while we went through junior and high school--they were assigned alphabetically.  He recognized me immediately too!
  • Last week's record hot spell erased the last vestiges of snow from our local mountains:

Photo of the Topa Topa Mountains from about a week ago.  It is unusual for there to be snow this late in the year but it is so pretty to look at way up there on the mountains!


Shay said...

Guilty as charged Annie-I've probably said "already pre-cut " as some stage. However I agree with you about the rampant use of double negatives.

I've long said shopping trolleys should have indicators and reversing sirens. And people should need a licence to use one!

Quilter Kathy said...

I love that line about the satisfaction of finishing quilts giving your weekend a glow :)

Libby said...

The phrase that irritates me is 'so-called' as in 'the so-called ______ bandit,' 'the so-called ______ fire,' etc. If that's what you call it, then that's the name. Call a spade a spade not a 'so-called spade.'

Kate said...

There is nothing like finishing quilts to make you feel like you can plan more. Looking forward to see what you came up with.

Lorraine said...

Lets be honest.....Shopping trolleys are weapons.....two quilts finished....fantastic! That would add a glow to my weekend as well....! Always enjoy your Tuesday Orts...they bring a glow to my Wednesdays!

Michele said...

How fun to see an old friend :-) Thanks for sharing a picture.....I enjoy seeing your area of the country!