Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

It was a busy week and lots of orts are floating around my mind--they land here each week.
  • The royal wedding was quite a spectacle--but the lovely Kate and her handsome Prince William were classy and mature.  Her dress was just lovely and suited her so well.
  • Wedding salon dress shopping with DD Elaine was a new experience.  She looked beautiful in every dress she tried on and her audience, including me, a best friend, future MIL, and future SIL were not much help at first as we oohed and aahed at her in each one.  Elaine finally tried on several of the dresses again to narrow it down to two.
  • The sample size of one of the finalists was so large it had to be clamped up and down either the front, so the back was flat, or down the back, for the front to be flat.  They need to invent Bridal Clamps to blend in, instead of big industrial red clamps from the hardware store. 
  • Future SIL asked Elaine the final question a la Say Yes to the Dress:  "Elaine, is this your dress?"  And it was.  Sorry, no peeking till the big day!  Her sister Erica was allowed to see it online since she is out of the state and missed being there so much.
  • Sunday I ran out to the shops for a little retail therapy.  Dresses are back in style, yay!  But so many of them are made from that nasty polyester that clings to every lump and bulge.  I found a cotton knit that works much better and even has pockets.
  • Traffic rant:  They have been digging up the street daily on the route I must take to get to work, to replace a flood channel line.  I want to bash into each mallethead that waits until the last second to merge into the one open lane!  Grr
  • Sometimes picture taking involves moving objects when you least expect them:
Thanks, Mini, for adding a huge artifact in the middle of my favorite block!


Shay said...

I'm so glad you survived weddding dress shopping. Elaine is awonder since I hear many girls spend months looking for the perfect dress. It's nice tohear about someone who knows her own mind and isnt utterly obsessed by every detail.

I completely agree about the malletheads. It's even better when they know that lane is closed ahead and use that lane anyway and push in without being considerate of others.

Michele said...

Glad the dress shopping is going well :-) love the cat picture LOL!

YankeeQuilter said...

Bridal dress shopping...now that is an adventure! I need two dresses for nephews' weddings this summer and haven't had luck yet...sure would be easier if I was taller and thinner!

Kate said...

Wow, the dress shopping went fast. Glad that she found "the Dress".

I really hope there is a special check box somewhere in the cosmos that results in some type of consequences for those who wait until the last minute to merge when there is construction!

GarnetRuby said...

tell us more about the cotton knit dresses-- what store? what brand?

Marg said...

I am surprised and relieved for you that the wedding dress shopping went so quickly, i would have thought it would have taken much longer, well done Elaine.
I do not like wearing polyester at all, it is so humid here it just sweats. All natural fibres for me 90% of the year.
I know all about the joys of fur babies trying to get into the shot.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

bridal dress shopping with your daughter? sounds like it went quickly! lucky you!