Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday's Orts on Thursday

Since Tuesday was taken over by the 400th post giveaway, orts have moved to Thursday this week.  As noted in my header, an ort is defined as a bit, a scrap.  I commandeered this definition to reflect my love of scrappy quilts and to categorize my random thoughts once a week!
  • On our way out to breakfast Sunday, we were talking about dogs.  We passed a very large man walking a very small Chihuahua--which looked hilarious to us--and I commented that I heard they were hard to potty train.  DH Grant joked that that will be our next dog.  I said if we were ever to get another dog, for a small dog I would pick a Pomeranian.  Son Nick said, "You would officially be old people if you got a Pomeranian!"  Gee, thanks, son.
  • Last Friday Bride to Be, Son in Law to Be and his mom and I went to meet a caterer and have taste testing of appetizers and dinner foods.  Future SIL loves to eat and his grin kept getting bigger each plate that came out.  Early on he said, "The problem here is going to be pacing myself".  That didn't seem to end up much of a problem!
  • Over the weekend, in doing my medical transcription job a doctor who has a very heavy accent said a word I didn't know.  I could not tell if she mispronounced it nor tell just what she was trying to say.  I looked in my reference books, all of which are over 15 years old, and found nothing.  My co-worker later listened to the dictation and said the word was what I thought it sounded like--patulous--but she found it in a newer radiology reference book.  Guess I need to update!
  • Baby names these days are getting pretty varied.  I mentioned Mariah Carey's twins names, Morocco and Monroe and said that if she liked Marilyn Monroe, why didn't she just call the baby girl Marilyn, because Monroe is a boy's name?  DD Elaine said that she knows several Monroes and none are boys.  I told that story at work and someone said Mariah and Nick were going for "Roc and Roe" (i.e, rock n'roll).  Oh, brother!
  • I have not yet seen the fabulous scenery photos my mom and dad took on their recent Yellowstone vacation. But I did receive one in an email from my dad titled "Why Ma was safe in the forest":

She was protected by a small blue bear.  See how alert and ready for action he is?  Cousin Florence was kept safe too.

There is still time to enter my 400th post giveaway, here.  I have had a couple of no-reply comments so far so please make sure there is an email address where I can contact you, either in your comment or tied to a profile.  I am really enjoying reading everyone's three non-quilting essentials (personally, I consider chocolate to be a quilting accessory so that's why I didn't include it in my listing of non-quilting needs, LOL).


Shay said...

That bear is EVERYWHERE! I love the idea of him being a "guard" bear.

Working with little people exposes you to some very creative names (and spellings!) Sometimes I just have to shake my head.

Surely tasting wedding menus has to be one of the most fun parts of organising a wedding.

Vivian said...

Love that little bear. Was he the same one who gave a guided tour around your sewing room and ended the tour with a fist bump that made me lose my teeth while laughing?

I'm blessed to usually type for doctors who have no accent. Adding the accent (plus new terminology) is a challenge to be sure.

My DD1 and DD2 both work in big city hospitals, and they frequently see some very strange names for children. They said as a rule the stranger the name, the younger the parents. Just being creative, I suppose.

Kate said...

So glad that bear got a vacation too, even if he had to spend part of it as a guard bear.

Julie in the Barn said...

So...what is patulous? Spell checker doesn't know either apparently since the word is red underlined in my comment. Sounds like the wedding plans are progressing well!

Pokey said...

So good the littl' blue is helping Mom get her exercise, :) Better remember to cook plenty when your SIL 2b comes visiting, too!