Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

It is Tuesday, and time for Orts...those scraps and bits that float around all week in my head and land here.
  • Last week was busy at work and we had the unusual feature of patients on Friday afternoon.  I didn't leave the office until after 6 pm.  My car wore another rut in the office-to-home path and never moved all weekend. 
  • Saturdays have become almost purely sewing days for me.  I even forgot about a movie date with DH until it was too late to get cleaned up and to the theater on time and asked for a rain check.  Son Nick gave me much grief for the next 24 hours about "ditching his dad".
  • Traffic rant:  Turn signals, people!  I could repeat this every week.  Yesterday a large pickup truck with a rack zoomed from a side street into my lane, causing me to brake, then swung wide and at the last second turned onto the next side street, naturally without a turn signal.  This event was seconded moments later by a moron who zoomed behind and tailgated me as I passed another slow moving truck and then swung wide and turned onto the side street from two lanes over, all without signalling.
  • DD Erica is coming for a visit this weekend.  Not sure how much we'll see of her since she's got lots of friends to catch up with.  Maybe I'll peek in on her while she is sleeping, as I used to do when she was little.
  • DD Elaine and I hammered out plans for those Mason jars purchased by the dozen a couple of weeks ago.  A picture frame is now involved.
  • My sister and I both received the same email from my parents the other day, detailing a future possible retirement venture for the both of us:

Mom wrote:  "It's in Idaho and with a little love and care, we know it'll be the hottest spot in town."  Well, let's see, maybe we could name it The Little Cinder Block Quilt Shop. Nope, still doesn't make it cute enough to move to Idaho!  What say you, sister Kathy?


Julie in the Barn said...

I agree. I'd need something a whole lot more enticing for a move to Idaho. You have sure been one busy bee lately. Taking your advice about the pillow cover. Great idea!

Quilter Kathy said...

If I was your sister Kathy, I'd be all over that! Sounds like a fun adventure!
I have a little note pad in my car and when I see truck drivers driving in a way that puts others at risk, I note the license and company, time and location and I call the company (when I'm at home and complain fiercely. Don't know if it makes a difference, but might prevent an accident one day.

Shay said...

I think I'd like to move to Idaho. To someone half a world away it sounds very cosmopolitan...Where's your sense of adventure!

Ive given up trying to teach the rest of the world to drive...it's pointless. Toomany bad drivers and so little time.

Nancy said...

The building would look cute with a quilt painted on the side.

Kate said...

I thought that turn signals were standard on all vehicles, but with the way some people drive, you'd think they had never been invented.

Candace said...

Ohhh....I love Idaho - and you would be right next door to us, Annie! I can really see how cute that place would be with a little work!