Sunday, July 17, 2011


That's what a lot of my Saturday and Sunday was composed of, activities Not Quilt Related.  I woke up early Saturday and puttered about, did some paying work on the computer, then got some long past-due yardwork and porch cleanup done out front.  Later on Saturday the cul de sac neighbors came together for our annual block party.  We all met in the middle of the street with tables, shade covers, chairs, lots of food and drink to share, and a couple of jolly jumps for the kids.  Everyone pulled their gas barbecues to the curbs and shared grills. Music was provided by one neighbor's son who DJ'd, there was badminton, volleyball, water balloon fun and other games for the kids, and lots and lots of talking and laughing!  We determined that only four of the original owners who moved into this then brand-new tract still remain (there are 16 houses on our street).  We'll have been here 21 years come October.  Pretty amazing!  It was a really good time for all and lasted into the wee hours of the morning (I topped out about 9 pm and went inside, though). 

This morning I did some more paying work and then got to the sewing part of the weekend, putting together the rows for this month's UFO pick, Judy's Mystery Quilt.  There was a necessary break to make a cheesecake for DD Erica's last night before heading back to AZ.  Then another break to clean up the kitchen and make dinner--tacos tonight.  I buy ground beef in maxpacks of 3 lbs, divide into 1 lb chunks and cook it all at once, then freeze the batches of browned unseasoned meat in separate plastic containers with lids.  This makes it easy to grab one out for tacos or spaghetti, etc.  For the taco toppings, this time I pulled out a vintage turntable that belonged to my mother-in-law.

This corner of the kitchen between the stove and the sink is kind of dark so the candlestick lamp adds some brightness.  That basket was supposed to be a wine caddy, but with two iron rings inside it is perfect to hold my most used tools.  Iron trivets and a handmade tile add some color. The turntable and pottery dishes have no markings of any kind, and since my MIL and FIL liked to go garage sale shopping after they were retired, I doublechecked with Grant to see if he remembered seeing it when he was little. 

He says he definitely remembers it from way back--it was probably a wedding gift from their 1952 wedding. I love that funky two-tone green glaze.  Very very vintage!

Also vintage is this spice jar I unearthed while trying to find something else in my tiny spice cupboard.  It says McCormick 1977.  Obviously I don't use Cream of Tartar very often.  Maybe the number is just the manufacturer's startup date and not the product date.

The remains of the dessert--actually a cream cheese pie with sour cream topping--it was delicious as always.  This counter on the opposite end of the kitchen holds another favorite find, the two-tiered iron holder with removable wooden trays.  As you can see, it works perfectly to hold both fruit and napkins in my small, galley style kitchen.  The narrow tray next to it is also iron with a design of pinecones and pine needles, very Craftsman in appearance but bought new.  The two purple glass sugar bowls and vintage-looking ribbed glass butter dish were also bought new.  I love rustic and vintage mixed together!   Tomorrow, a return to quilt related posting.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely glimpse into both your domestic and social lives. I love vintage too, these pieces make me smile.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing your kitchen area with us. I am not much of a garage sale shopper but intend to start looking for used cotton shirts to add to my stash. (Like I need to ADD to my stash!) Who would of thought to put a lamp on a kitchen counter... what a great idea! Hope to see your design wall later today.

Kate said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Love your turntable. My Grandmother had one that was dark green.