Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Orts

Another edition of the orts, bits of thoughts that travel from my brain to my fingers once a week...
  • Suddenly it is the middle of July and DD Elaine's wedding is three months and change away. 
  • I'd lost 13 pounds on my eating plan as of Saturday but probably gained two back after the block party and cream cheese pie. 
  • Speaking of pie, I made one Thursday night for my work friend's birthday.  DD Erica spotted it and accused me of not loving her because I didn't make TWO.  So I had to make another on Sunday.  Naturally I had to have a piece from each!
  • Yard cleanup is not exactly enhancing to one's looks.  I came in covered in fine dirt that stuck to the sunscreen I had slathered on before weeding, there were petals from the Mexican sage in my hair and strands pulled out of my ponytail from the wind, red-orange stains on my arm where I brushed up against a spent daylily, and a crazy amount of dirt under my nails despite wearing gloves.  Good thing I'm washable!
  • Traffic rant:  Due to the lack of fine motor skills too many drivers have, especially on the freeway, I am doing this tutorial:  The proper method for exiting the freeway is to SIGNAL first, THEN apply the brakes, not the other way around.  Careening over from the second lane at the last moment without signaling and flying up the offramp is also incorrect.
  • Sometimes a night of couchpotato-ing happens.  I can't help it, I love Wipeout, the game show where adults traverse ridiculous contraptions to win $50,000.  Last week was Nerds vs. Beauties.  Hilarious.  Following that show was another new one, 100 Ways to Leave a Game Show, where wrong answers to trivia questions result in being part of a stunt, such as a car being driven off a cliff with the losing contestant yanked out at the last second by a helicopter.  Silly and entertaining.
  • I love to walk in my neighborhood and see all the yards. This was my favorite from last week:

I love the wide variety of plants and all the textures.  It isn't too "planned" looking, either.
    On the other hand, some planning might help this yard.  While I'm a fan of the overgrown look, this is a bit too much.  Those chairs are wild though!


Pokey said...

Oh, let's go sit in those chairs and poke fun at the bad drivers.
You crack me up!

Shay said...

That wedding will be here before you know it. 13 pounds is fabulous. Im sure you'll get back on track over the next week or so . One has to indulge onself occasionally!

Yard clean up is not my favourite thing so I dont do it.My yard looks WORSE than the bottom picture you're poking fun at!

Vivian said...

I'm picturing all your loveliness with the layer of dirt, the stuff in the hair, the pollen stains, and the dirty fingernails. You must have been a walking vision :)

As observant as you are with the traffic rants, are you totally under control on the road? no road rage? maybe just a little colorful language all by yourself in the car?

Love those chairs!

Kate said...

Congrats on the 13 pounds. You'll get back on track.

In the traffic rant you are assuming the car has signals. Since I rarely see anyone on ther road use them I've been assuming the newer cars don't come with them.

Sherrill said...

HA! I just LOVE your traffic rants as they're always the things that aggravate me also. Do you say bad words when you're driving? I do!! LOL I love those shows also--those two goofus's on Wipeout. And those SCARY exits on 101 ways. WOW!

Belinda said...

I remember my younger years living in the big city and having to fight that traffice twice a day! I feel for ya sista!
Now....about this weight lose...congrats! Are you JUST not eating sugar/bread and white stuff or what??

Libby said...

Hubby loves WipeOut. I think he could be interested in 100 Ways also, but for me it takes too long to get to the answers . . . I have NO patience *s*