Thursday, July 21, 2011

Progress that Bores

The leader-ender project has gotten ramped up to a regular project.  However, I am sewing the blocks in pairs so am using the two sets as their own leader-enders as I piece.  Last night I did some MATH and reconfiguring, then grouped all the strips and squares into block sets until nothing was left.  I will have extra blocks to play with when it comes time to layout and play Switcheroo, and the remainder will go on the back, probably.  No pictures of the piles, it is too boring. 

In the interest of progress on the UFO/Mystery Quilt, the backing got washed.  I did finish sewing the remaining rows on Monday night and the center is complete.  Yay, me.

The backing was purchased last year just after I finished up the blocks for the Mystery Quilt.  The colors were just right and I loved the big bold print--not something I would normally gravitate to.

Indonesia, by April Cornell.  See the funny bird and big butterfly?  I am considering quilting this from the back but it depends if I truly have enough yardage.  I bought 5 yards but am afraid to do the MATH just now.  As I keep saying, I am a WORD girl, not a MATH girl. 

Tonight's main event was an archaeological dig to uncover a seldom-seen surface.  This ugly wet bar is the first horizontal surface as we enter the house from the garage so has always been a dumping ground.  Those two trays have been overflowing with opened/unopened mail, unfiled filing, and assorted junk mail for months.  Getting mail for five people is a horrendous cycle of sort, shred, recycle, and ignore.  Our filing cabinets in the office need a complete purge and reorganizing.  Again, really boring, but that's what's going on at Casa de Orts this week!


*karendianne. said...

Ohh love that fabric. Thanks for pointing out the bird and butterfly. Gorgeous. As for the clean up Annie, I completely understand and admire you for taking the much needed effort in hand.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am inspired enough by your "dig" to clean up and organize my stash closet... it will be a monumental undertaking; but one that surely will reveal surprises and "treasures" long forgotten. Oh, yeah... on second thought... maybe I'm not ready for that yet!

Belinda said...

I LOVE LOVE that Fabric. Has kind of a toile feel to it!

As for the cleaning, well hey, I'm a quilter not a house cleaner!! HA!!!

No seriously, I sooooo need to do some purging around here!!! I'm thinking about just backing my pickup up and just chunking some of it right out the door!!!!

Libby said...

I'm so glad to know we are not the only family with a 'close to the door dumping ground' Inspired to clear our out now, too *s*

quiltmom said...

Purging seems to be the order of the day. There is lots to be done around here too. Four people's mail is troublesome enough- lots of things to garbage and our dining room table is the usual victim for collecting the mail. It sure doesn't take long until it is piled up.
Good luck in your sorting and purging.

Kate said...

Love the backing fabric! If it makes you feel any better even if you are more a math person then a word person, you still sometimes end up miscalcuating the yardage for a back.

Our file cabinet needs purging too, but I'm not motivated yet!

Stephanie said...

I don't remember that line by April Cornell. It's really beautiful and I love the idea of quilting it from the back. Too many houses have easy dumping ground areas!

Shay said...

I love to organise so Im happy to pop over to your Casa and help out. Just give me the word.

Maybe Im showing rank stupididity here but whats the benefit of quilting from the back? It's not something I'd ever thought about doing before but it seems like it could be a good idea!

Vivian said...

The Indonesia fabric is gorgeous! Great idea to quilt from the back, if you have enough to back this quilt.
Same here--I'm more of a word gal. I had to do long division the other day (couldn't find either little calculator). I stumbled and guessed my way through the division. I was shocked that I couldn't remember the process quickly and automatically. I guess I'm even less of a math gal than ever.

Purging & simplifying is so cleansing! I try to do a little once a week. Too many things belonging to the kids, unnecessary financial papers, irrelevant clippings and articles from years ago, on and on.
Enjoy your weekend purging at Casa de Ort. We're doing the same here at Casa de Mug. :)