Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Aug 23, 2011

Another rushed edition of the Orts--I've had three phone calls from work saying the computers are acting up and are now DOWN!
  • Biggest laugh at the wedding shower was during the "how well do you know Elaine" quiz game.  The question was "What is Elaine's biggest pet peeve about Chris?"   One of her friends, I think it was Stacy, said, "What ISN'T Elaine's biggest pet peeve about Chris?" 
 Stacy won the quiz game.  (The answer to the question is that Chris turns all the damn lights on in the house and then comes and sits down on the couch.)
    Her sister Chelsea didn't win anything but had fun with the ring box game.
  • I like to read the real estate section of the newspaper on the weekend.  There was a very expensive house listed that was advertised as "Newly constructed--in 2008".  Um, isn't EVERY house newly constructed?  Next we'll read, "Victorian mansion, newly constructed in 1885."
  • Traffic rant:  As soon as the Fair was over and traffic around our office was expected to return to normal, the City began digging up the dang street again, closing off a main intersection and lanes DAILY.  Sigh.
  • My camera is frequently used and it does not have rechargeable batteries so I was going through them pretty quickly until I bought these:
I put these Energizer Advanced Lithium batteries in before our trip to Cincinnati in April and they just ran out of juice last week--so four months of use.  I think that is remarkable. 
  • And finally, the happy recipient of the Scrappy Trails/Hot Tamale quilt:
It was so good to see Anna's big smile after all she's gone through the last couple of months with a cancer scare.  Her thyroid surgery was successful and her scar is healing very well.  Our co-worker tried to convince her that the quilt is ugly and she didn't really want it, but Anna held firm that she loves it!


carol fun said...

Glad to see a smile on the happy recipient of the Hot Tamale quilt! And you know you've made a good quilt when other people try to weasel it out of the rightful owner - LOL!

Pokey said...

Oh, that smile told it all, it really is a great quilt and gift! funny picture of the ring box ~

Shay said...

Anna looks like she's about to burst with pride. You made her week. Extra universe points for you this week Annie due to your very lovely gesture and thoughtfulness. It really is a pretty quilt. You may have to make another one for the would-be thief!

quiltmom said...

It is a great quilt for Anna- May she continue to make steady progress on the health front. You did a lovely thing and it is obvious that she loves it too.
Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

Anne's smile says it all! Gald that she loves the quilt.

I'm not sure that what cities do is road construction, I'm pretty sure it's mainly road deconstruction. I can't tell that things get much better once the barriers come down!

Joyful Quilter said...

Anna's smile is as cheerful and bright as your quilt. Perfect match.

Belinda said...

Oh my!!! Where's a chair? Let me pull one up and sit down!! I'm tired and wore out just reading about all the goings on!! You have been one busy momma!! All your finished quilts and other little projects look just great!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

So happy to hear that the lucky quilt recipient is healthy again! She, and the quilt, look beautiful!