Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Aug 30, 2011

Orts in brief yet again.  Some week it may even be a singular ort!
  • Son Nick invited a few friends over on Saturday night to watch UFC fighting on TV.  Knowing how I hate boxing, he was happy to call out to me whenever there was a lot of blood or guys getting knocked out.  Ugh.
  • At his request I made Hamburger Soup, one of our favorites, running out to the store to get supplies but forgetting one main ingredient, canned tomatoes.  To the rescue was a HUGE heirloom tomato from a friend.  I think the fresh tomato was a terrific substitute.
  • Computer problems magically healed themselves at work, come Monday morning, but continued to plague me last night.  The Internet went down on my home computer.  I shut everything down after several attempts at fixing and trudged off to the bedroom to watch Design Star in a sulk.
  • My new favorite TV show is Roseanne's Nuts, starring Roseanne Barr, about her macadamia nut farm on Hawaii and her current life.  She's still very funny in the self-deprecating way she always was.  The show is a bit silly and occasionally strange, which is probably why I like it.  One of my favorite lines from her original standup routine was, "I have anorexia dyslexia.  I never think I'm fat enough."
  • At work on Friday a new patient walked in 2.5 hours late for her initial consultation (which is 80 minutes long) and gave multiple excuses as to why she missed her appointment, all of which she claimed were not her fault.  She did not once apologize for being late and still wanted to be seen that afternoon.  Amazing gall, don't you think?
  • The volunteer corn plant in the front yard is getting a tassel! And the poinsettia bush in the back yard is turning into an over six foot tree:

In a couple more months it will be ready for the holidays.


Libby said...

Look at that poinsettia! Amazing.

Vivian said...

I'm glad I work at home and no longer have to hear loud patients complaining about this and giving excuses for that--always the same ones-- the ones focusing on me, me, me.
That must have been a pretty big tomato, enough to replace a can of tomatoes.

Belinda said...

OH ME TOO ME TOO or should I say we 3 'cause believe it or not Mr. Brown Dirt kind of likes it too...Roseanne's Nuts!!!!! I love it...she is sooo crabby/cranky and witchy AND hysterical!!!

Ok....did you all still let the lady be seen even though she was soooo late????

Quilter Kathy said...

I cannot believe that patient...a normal person would have been mortified to have missed a consultation! I say put her name to the bottom of the list!!

Pokey said...

Wow, your poinsettia is beautiful and so full. So you have a tassel, but how many ears will it take to feed the family...? you'll have to supplement from the grocery store, lol!
of course a fresh tomato would do a great job in a recipe, and you need to share your recipe.
What? No traffic ranting?
enjoy your week Miss Annie ~

Kate said...

Love the poinsetta bush. Please publish pictures when it blooms. I've only seen them in pots and they die right after Christmas.