Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Littles

Today has been a day of little things.  I slept in a little, read a little, did paying work for a little, blogsurfed a little, ate a little, did a little housework, and now I might take a little errand run to JoAnn's.  All in all, a very satisfying Labor Day so far!  Later a little sewing is planned.  I got a lot of work done on the wedding quilt yesterday, stitching up many pieces into their rows, while completing blocks on the leader-ender front.

The palest yellow block may not make it into the final quilt--the fabric is very very thin.  It seemed the leader-enders were taking too much time in my piecing work until I got into a rhythm.  I also improved my construction by penciling a diagonal line for the stitch-and-flip corners rather than finger pressing the squares in half and using the fold line as my guide.  Sometimes it is simply better to mark things!

A little decision making took place as well.  The UFO Challenge project for this month is #11, which on my list is a 9-patch quilt.  But I decided the witches deserve to finally be finished this year so will swap out #5 on my list.  I have two of these witch quilts, with the colors swapped of the hair and hatband in each. 

One is going to get a simple final border of black and and the eyelashes sewn on for its finish.  The other is going to have free-pieced letter names a la Tonya's book Word Play Quilts.  I have been gathering names for months--being a transcriptionist for the hospital has the benefit of running across all sorts of unusual names.  On my list are: Zenaida, Jerryl, Sherith, Ferol, Avrum, Taylan, Ralie, Prina, Trinara, Jonick, Kachan, Pagel, Lera, Jestina, Borgny, Una, and Zivana.   I have to choose four from this list.  Anyone want to help me narrow it down?


Rhonda G said...

Love the pinwheel quilt Anne. Makes me want some carmel. LOL
And your witch quilt is really fun.
Been trying to get back into sewing/quilting myself this week. I have to get these UFO's done. LOL
Take care.

Quilter Kathy said...

This is the perfect time of year to work on the witches!
For the name chosing, I would draw each one out of a hat (very scientific method!)

Libby said...

I know we are supposed be helping narrow down the list, but then I am seldom one to follow the rules. I would like to add Zoraida to the list. She was a friend of my Grandma's - too fun of a name to allow it to disappear *s*

Stephanie said...

I like Avrum, Ferol, Una, and Pagel. Sounds like words from a witches spell. Really great gals!

Vivian said...

I love these witches every time I see them here and every time I open the magazine they're in (Quiltmaker?). I'd go with 4 names that flow after "Double, double, toil and trouble," or I'd pick the names in pairs, like 2 J's and 2 Z's.
Looking forward to seeing them in all their glory. Maybe I'll make one this year--or maybe next.

carol fun said...

Oh Annie- I LOVE thw witches! Can you tell me the name of this pattern? I have a dear friend who adores the musical Wicked and I'd love to make this for her - thanks!

Nicole said...

Those yellow blocks are just wonderful! Love that pattern.