Saturday, September 17, 2011

Playing Hooky

It seems I played hooky this week from blogland but it wasn't intentional.  There was nothing fabric-related happening or worth showing until Thursday night, when bride-to-be Elaine came over for some crafting--and secret wedding projects can't be shown, natch.  Design decisions were made, cutting and organizing accomplished, and some painting done.  She worked me until after 10 pm. 

I had already decided to play hooky from work on Friday and that freed up my morning to attend Elaine's dress alteration appointment.  I was very impressed with the owner, Elizabeth, who was so comfortable with all the ins and outs of bridal dresses, bustling the back, layers, netting, lace etc, whereas I would be lost in that department.  She spent an entire hour working with Elaine in the dress and making it just perfect for her special day.  I showed Elizabeth the veil I made and was happy to accept her compliments on my sewing.

After picking up some interfacing for the secret wedding project, I went home to work on my half-finished skirt, on which I'd already edge-finished all the seams.  All it needed were the waistband and hem. 

I always secure my overlapped elastic with the above stitching design to enforce that it lies flat.  After closing the waistband opening, I also stitch in the ditch on at least the side seams to keep it from twisting.

Here's the great clearance-rack linen jacket that inspired me to pull out the rayon fabric from my stash for the skirt.  You can see the flounces that run down the front of the skirt--the pics with flash showed the colors better but the flounces disappeared.  I can't wait to wear the outfit to work.

Grant had a birthday yesterday and we celebrated at a very nice dinner restaurant, Prime, which is one of his accounts.  He enjoyed a Patron margarita with a Grand Marnier shot.  Happy Birthday, darling!

To start his four courses he chose this blackened chile relleno with sauce.  I had crab-stuffed mushrooms, Chris had shrimp wontons, and Nick had spicy shrimp.  We received excellent service and attention all through the rest of our delicious dinner courses and listened to some live music.  They even sang a personal Happy Birthday to Grant, making him turn red!   It was a lovely meal.

Future son-in-law Chris provided some after dinner exercises in balance.  We missed Erica but she will be home soon enough--the big day grows ever closer!  Now I'm off to more secret wedding project work...


Shay said...

I want to run off and balance my own salt and pepper shakers right this minute just to see if I can now...

Happy Birthday to Grant. All the best people are born in September. Dinner sounds divine!

All these wedding preparations . It all sounds so exciting. I cant wait to see pictures of the results of all this decision making and secrecy.

And your skirt looks fantastic (and I can see the flounces)

Stephanie D. said...

Love the skirt! Looks as if you bought the two together!

Happy Birthday, Grant!

Joyful Quilter said...

Cute outfit! Perfect match.

Darlene said...

Lovely skirt!!!!

A play day is a very good thing!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to Grant.

Love your skirt, it turned out beautiful.

Good luck with all the wedding prep. Stay sane!

Candace said...

I love your outfit, Annie! I think I'm getting inspired to start garment sewing again! Happy Birthday to Grant! That's some birthday drink!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How fun! The skirt is so cute. Happy Birthday to Grant.