Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Sept 13, 2011

Ort: a scrap, a bit; in this case, gathered random bits of thoughts and observations on my week.
  • I got a call early Friday that our outbuilding had been broken into at work overnight.  The doorframe was splintered on the latch side and both were lying on the floor.  I instructed the staff not to touch anything and to call the police.  I will say that nothing perks up a tired receptionist like a cute cop.
  • It appeared the thief only took food from the refrigerator, which is kind of sad.  He rummaged through the break room area and overturned the bathroom trash--I think to take the liner of the can for the sandwiches he carried off, because that was missing.  Ew.
  • Saturday I went to the garden center.  This is a old-fashioned hardware, home and garden center and walking around, it was hard to imagine there was something they didn't carry.  I heard popping sounds as I was looking around and as I got to the checkout, one worker was handing out bubble wrap to several cashiers, who immediately began popping with glee.  My cashier did manage to restrain herself until after she rang up my items.
  • Traffic rant:  Of the pedestrian type this time.  While I was walking across the parking lot of a local restaurant for lunch, a worker was pushing a wheeled garbage can.  He saw me and sped up so he could enter the door before me.  And then didn't hold the door open even though I was a foot behind him.  Huh?
  • Occasionally I read the Want Ads in our local paper.  Under "Special Notices" yesterday was an intriguing one:  "Wanted:  Middle-aged woman to go sailing on my 30 foot yatch".  You know, I might have taken him up on that if he had a YACHT and not a YATCH. 
  • It is less than six weeks to the wedding of DD Elaine and Chris.  This is a bigger deal than our own wedding--which was planned in less than two months and very simple.  The logistics are getting a bit nerve-wracking for the big day but the RSVPs are coming in and the excitement is building.
  • This time two years ago I was getting ready for another wedding, that of my Aussie girlfriend Susie and her mate, Jon.  I was furiously working on this quilt:
And when I actually got to Port Douglas, got to go on their amazing boat.

Now THAT'S a yacht!  58 feet of luxury.  That cruise on the Coral Sea was a 10, all day, and I presented the couple with the quilt I had made:
It was a long-time dream come true to travel to Australia, and I will treasure my memories of my amazing time there forever.


Libby said...

The typo could have been the fault of the newspaper . . . . just sayin'. I have seen some pretty awful things in the paper *s*

Barb said...

Oh...I wish I was 30, I would be over there in a heart beat...love the water!!

Shay said...

With only 8 weeks to the wedding I expect things are going to start getting a bit crazy in the land of Orts!

Bubble wrap popping is more addictive than smoking crack. I don't know anyone who can resist!

You'll have to come back to Australia Annie and visit us down South. It's pretty here too. (I don't have a yacht like that though - sorry )

Marg said...

Yep popping bubble wrap is addictive. I even have an app on my phone that re creates popping bubble wrap.
I don't have a yacht either.
Hope the next six weeks aren't too stressful.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love the Yatch story!
Love the wedding quilt...the colours of it match the colours of the photo of their YATCH...I mean yacht...LOL!