Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Sept 20, 2011

Another edition of orts--the bits of thought and folly that pass through my week and land here.
  • Taking a break from secret wedding sewing on Saturday found me on my hands and knees, weeding the front flower bed.  After an hour of attack, I called in reinforcements from Grant.  We made big progress over the next hour but I told him I was picturing General Crabgrass mustering his troops that night for an assault, so Grant got out the big guns: weedkiller spray. Take that, General!
  • I wish every weekend was a three-day weekend.
  • My boss, Dr. P, after being shown an article I printed out, said that we may need to add another phrase to our guidelines for patients:  Don't make the newspaper.
  • I showed Elaine an old photo of me at about age 21-22, in which I was wearing running-style short shorts and a skinny tank top.  She said, "Well, look at you, Sporty Spice".  I don't think she meant it as a compliment.
  • Traffic rant:  TURN SIGNALS, PEOPLE!  They are there for a reason, truly, Mr. Not-Less-Than-Five-Lane-Changes-in-2-Miles.
  • Cleaning my sewing area took a couple of hours on Sunday.  There were two problems to deal with: what to do with all those scraps, and getting distracted by a quilting book.  I had to slam the book shut after 10 minutes to make myself get focused.  Finally I am able to use the tabletop of the Hoosier cabinet for cutting again.  It's been awhile.
  • I've been clearing too-big clothing out of my closet.  It seems I favor a certain color...can you guess?
All the hanging items.

And the folded ones. Not all of these are too big, they are just in the green family.  Luckily I also like red, purple, brown, orange and tan so my closet isn't bare.


Quilter Kathy said...

This doesn't look like a sporty spice wardrobe! LOL
Not using blinkers/turn signals is one of my pet peeves (especially with my DH!)

Shay said...

Ha Ha ...sporty spice. I love looking at pictures of myself from the 80's. Miss P is always less than complimentary. My only solace is that Little P will be giving her a hard time about how she looked now in about 20 years time. I hope I'm around to see that payback.

You may have slammed that book shut Annie - but it's still calling you ..."Annie...Come and read me"

Michele said...

Great orts! The 80's......ouch! I think of big hair pictures.

Kate said...

Old pictures and your children are a dangerous combination. Though I like what Shay said, there is some consolation knowing that one day their kids will do the same to them.

Isn't it amazing how many car's these days don't appear to come with turn signals. They must not be standard equipment any more. At least that's the only explanation My Guy and I can come up with for people not using them.

Love your orts this week.

Libby said...

Just think how great those colors would look in a quilt!