Saturday, October 1, 2011

UFO Challenge update

Another miss for September--although I did get the free-pieced names finished for the second of my Any Witch Way quilts, which was one of the goals.  Since I altered my plan for both tops because I also wanted to add free-pieced names, plus I made the piano key border for the second, there is more left to do.  I plan to continue working this weekend and get to at least a completed top stage with the free-pieced names added.

The UFO number picked for October is #11, which coincidentally was the UFO I swapped out for September, and is a block swap project that has been waiting a long time in the queue. 

Scrappy 9 patches are going to be laid out in a zig zag fashion.  I copied this layout from a quilt Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville called her Zig-Zag 9 Patch  (made in 2005), although hers was made from 2" leader-ender squares and my blocks are from 2.5" squares.  Bonnie has excellent references on her site for figuring setting squares and triangles and I will make good use of those.  I'll have to count up the blocks already made as the bed-sized layout I drew up requires a few more 9 patches.  The setting fabric is the warm buff yardage in the left side of the photo. 

This is a very very busy month for me but I do plan to work on this UFO as much as I can, in between finishing the wedding quilt, my outfit for the wedding, more sewing for the wedding, and THE WEDDING, now only 29 days away!  DD Elaine is off to her Bachelorette weekend with her sister and friends in Palm Springs, and her fiance Chris is in Las Vegas with his group of pals. I went with Elaine to her final fitting on Thursday and her wedding gown is just perfect on her.  Plus, Elizabeth, the seamstress, charged her $100 less than first quoted!  Elizabeth is just a doll and so fun to talk to.  She's doing two of the bridesmaids' dresses as well, and asked for pictures of the wedding.  So sweet.


Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Love your header photo! :-) Your 9 patch blocks are going to look wonderful zig-zagged. Have a happy weekend!

julieQ said...

I am looking forward to seeing your zigzag setting! Hey, a better price than quoted is terrific!

Rhonda G said...

Hi Annie, Your doing much better on your UFO challenge then I am by far. And today I guess we are thinking alike as I just changed my background to the same orange theme for the month of Oct. LOL
Have a great month. : )

Kate said...

You've made so much progress on UFOs this year. So even if you don't much done this month, you've done well the rest of the year.

Shay said...

Your October is going to be HUGE! I'm sure the bride (and MOB ) will look lovely.

The colours in this months UFO quilt are very Annie colours. Good luck with your progress.

Quilter Kathy said...

With a family wedding coming up, I think I'd be putting away the quilting to-do probably have a thousand wedding things to do!

Candace said...

Having finished 4 UFO's this year, I can't tell you what a great feeling it is, Annie! I love the layout you chose, too! Sounds like you may have your nose to the grindstone this month!