Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday's Orts--Dec 6, 2011

And this week's orts are once again a motley crew...
  • Do you ever get creeped out by people who seem to shadow you in a store?  Whatever aisle you peruse, there they are.
  • Weekends just never seem to be long enough.  I think they should all be three days long.
  • I had to laugh at the reaction to my "art" post last Wednesday.  Boy, no one seemed to like that little wooden statue at all.  But she and "her little dog too"  made me smile.
  • At Bunco when we stopped for a player to choose a gift or steal from someone, everybody had a different nonchalant method for not drawing the potential thief's attention.  "Don't look her in the eyes", was my next door neighbor's advice.
  • Our building at work is made of concrete block, has tons of single pane windows, and a huge skylight in a large hallway the length of the building.  It took four hours yesterday for the temperature to rise from 62 to 70 degrees.  Thank goodness for ceiling fans to push all that warm air down to human level in the exam rooms.
  • The Traffic Rant feature is on hiatus, however, it is being replaced by another feature on bewilderment called...
  • Things I Don't Understand:  This week's entry is Memory foam bathmats.  Just how long does anyone spend on a bathmat that it requires memory?  
  • On our excursion to the art museum in Santa Paula we also visited the Oil Museum which had a number of exhibits, including one of people's collectibles.  Naturally I was drawn to the fabric.

    Isn't this a fun way to display aprons?

    The exhibitor's first line was priceless, I thought!


Samantha said...

Yeah.. we saw Memory Foam bathmats in Costco this last weekend and I was thinking.... "Why do I need something that squishy for my feet when I' m only gonna be standing there for 2 minutes!?" To spendy for a bathmat also. :)

Marg said...

Memory foam bath mats....very strange!

Quilter Kathy said...

Fun orts!
Love the apron collection!

Libby said...

I have been known to make a 'wrong turn' to throw a car that seems to be following me off the scent *s*

pcflamingo said...

Memory foam bathmats .... OK now I'm going to be thinking about them all day. If you are spending enough time on a bathmat to need a memory foam bathmat, perhaps there is something wrong with your life? Motivation issues? You are lost in the bathroom? You fell and you can't get up? Your ninja cat used kung fu on you?

Belinda said...

.....too funny! Isn't it crazy, I have had numberous occasions when I had a creepy little women seem to follow me everywhere. I am one of those that always draws the 'talkers' too!! Not that I'm talking to them, they just seem to pick ME to yak and yak and YAK to. I had a lady follow me ALL the way out to my car one evening outside a Joanns, talking and talking ...NOT about sewing but her family/daughter problems. I even got up into my pickup, sitting in the drivers seat. I finally just had to shut my door...smile....wave to her and drive off! And so, to get to the point of my story, I now try to use your neighbors idea about not looking them in the eyes!!!
Great post....made me laugh and smile!

Shay said...

Hear! Hear !on your brilliant plan for a perpetual three day weekend.

Memory foam bathmats have yet to hit our shores but when they do I'm sure I'll be scratching my head over the need for them as well. ( I use a towel as bathmat more often than not!)

Candace said...

Funny you should mention the shadowing, Annie - yesterday I was being "pushed" from behind in the express lane at the grocery by an elderly woman. There was also a frantic call for the owner of a Lincoln Town Car to come to the service desk where a sheriff was waiting. I realized she was hiding behind me to avoid him - lol!