Design Wall Monday--Jan 16, 2012

On my design surface this Martin Luther King, Jr Day are the same two projects from last week, both of which are coming along well.  Bricks and Stepping Stones parts are all complete and a few of the blocks assembled.  I enjoyed all the piecing and pressing as I worked in batches.

112 bricks with attached 4-patch stones were sewn.  This is a Bonnie Hunter ( free pattern.

So far, I'm liking the colors very much.  The dark brown fabric second from the top left reads too dark and messes up the contrast with the black and white so I'm not going to use it.  I only made the one tester brick so am not short of blocks by losing it.  Spoke to the intended recipient today, my younger brother Ted, and told him I was working on his quilt.  So now that news is out and I'm definitely committed!

The Pink Lemonade quiltalong finish has been posted and while I have picked out the fabric for the four corner blocks (not shown), I am not feeling the love for this yellow calico with these CW prints and will have to look for something else at my local stores.  Poor me! See more design walls on Judy's Patchwork Times.   


Denise :) said…
I really like the fabrics you're using with the 4-patches. Lots of eye interest! And I'm all about CW prints -- you've picked some lovely ones, though I have to agree with you on the yellow calico! :)
Barb said…
I like what is on your design wall.
carol fun said…
The Stepping Stones quilt is coming along nicely - great colors. And as much as I love yellow(and you know I do) I agree that the yellow calico isn't cutting it for those blocks. It is a sacrifice but I believe you must go out and shop- LOL! Happy stitching!
Quilter Kathy said…
The sticks and stones quilt looks fabulous! I agree about the very dark brown that looks like it's black in the photo.
So funny that you need to go shopping for the little scrappy sew along project :) LOL
Gari in AL said…
I love the quilting process where you make changes as you go along. I think that is why I enjoy the quilt making process and watching you and others doing the same things.
Shay said…
I think you're making the right call on the calico yellow. It's a little bit too much (although I love the fabric as a stand alone fabric which is unusual for me since I'm not a fan of yellow generally)

Good luck finding the perfect fabric.
Michele said…
You have some great projects going on! I love the coffee quilt :-)
Candace said…
Well, darn, Annie - does this mean you have to shop for more fabric (wink). Sounds good to me!
dee said…
I especially like the Pink Lemonade blocks. What a shame you have to resort to going to the fabric shop....snort
Kate said…
Wow, you've been busy. I like the colors you've choosen for Bricks and Stepping Stones.

Did you find a substitute for the yellow?

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