Tuesday's Orts--Jan 17, 2012

Tuesday's Orts--bits of thoughts and scraps of events from my week that land here.
  • What sounded like the bark of a very large dog in a vehicle outside our office the other day turned out to be a Basset Hound named Stella Louise. 
  • DD Erica's best friend moved to AZ and they are sharing her little 2 bedroom guest house.  Between that, new semester of college, dating, and working, we haven't heard from her much.
  • DD Elaine is helping organize a bridal shower for her future sister in law, her husband's brother's fiance.  She's the middleman between the out-of-state Maid of Honor, the bride to be, and the MIL, at whose home the event will take place--a complicated sort of land!
  • Things I Don't Understand:   Why are large plastic storage bin measurements given in GALLONS?  Who ever keeps liquids in them?  And who can picture what 109 gallons looks like in 3D?
  • On Wednesday a highway maintenance crew was digging a ditch along the frontage road that lines my neighborhood.  The next morning as I was leaving for work I nearly came to a screeching halt to grab my camera:
This white heron hangs around on our end of town from time to time but I had never seen it this close.  The funny thing was that he/she was in the exact same spot the following morning.  There must have been some good bugs dug up by the trencher!


Libby said…
Yeah for the heron - proof positive that dinner is usually better when someone else does all the work *s*
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Lovely long-leggedy bird. I agree with you about the storage bins, what's up with that?
Shay said…
Yeah Sister ! I always think the same thing about storage bins. How the hell am I supposed to know what 55 litres of fabric scraps looks like !

I dont envy Elaine's job but Im sure she will manage admirably.

That heron looks massive.
Sarah said…
A guy must have decided to lable bins in gallons - no woman would have come up with that :)
I do use the quart size to freeze spaghetti sauce. I don't use the 1 gallons. I bought some 2 gallon baggies to put quilt projects in. Who knew my quilts measured 2 gallons? Weird. Love the herons. We have them all over the corn fields after they are plowed in the fall.
Pokey said…
Gallons...maybe for liquid quilts...really, who knows? Love the bird view!
Quilter Kathy said…
What a great photo of the heron! I love seeing them around here.
Vivian said…
I'm curious how you found out the barking dog's name is Stella Louise. Possibly an up close and personal encounter with Stella's owner?
You have almost a surreal photo of the heron, so white against the background. Cool.
Kate said…
I've decided that baby showers are safer to host then bridal showers. Hope DD Elaine has good navigation skills.

I agree, why gallons. What's worse? The ones labeled in liters!

Love your heron shot. He's a big guy!

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