On the road again

I go months without getting out of town and then it happens in threes--this time with my honey. Grant's employer has an annual awards dinner, held in a different place every year.  We got a late start on the 120 miles drive south to beautiful Dana Point on Saturday, arriving just before sunset at the fabulously ritzy Laguna Cliffs Resort. 

A beautifully restored Woodie is featured beneath the porte cochere at the lobby entrance.

Surfboard appropriate background for the description.

We quickly checked into our room and then went for a sunset stroll.  Lots of folks were out on the grounds of a large public park just beyond the resort property.

The architecture reminded me of the famous Coronado hotel in San Diego (featured in the great old movie "Some Like It Hot").  Our shadows are real but this perfect lawn is a darn good fake--AstroTurf in dry SoCalif is a great water saver.   

Lots of pines cover the walk to the edge of the coastal bluffs...

...Where a view of the Dana Point Harbor entrance was nicely framed by Eucalyptus trees.

The famed Laguna Cliffs ring this natural cove for miles.  Surfers in the water were catching more rays than waves on this calm sea.  We left this serene scene for our room and dressing up for a lovely dinner and just-a-tad-too-long-but-bearable awards ceremony. 

View from our balcony the next morning as we said goodbye to Dana Point and got on the road after too short of a stay--I would love to have lounged by the pool and taken another walk down to the harbor, or even scheduled a spa treatment.  I told Grant that we really should aim for at least a minimum of 24 hours away from home the next time we have a chance to go somewhere--especially when someone else is picking up the hotel room/parking/breakfast!   On the car ride I finally started hand quilting on my UFO Challenge pick of the month, but more about in that next post. 


Barb said…
Wow...what an awesome place to go to....loved the pictures and well...I wanna come!
Marg said…
That looks like a really lovely place to stay.
Darlene said…
What a beautiful resort. A nice overnight getaway for you and hubby.
Beautiful California coastline. I'm trying to feel the warmth right now as it is 23* in Central Ohio.
Quilter Kathy said…
I have never seen such a beautiful place in my life! Wow! You should stay at least a week!
What a lovely getaway. Too bad it was so brief. But free is a definite bonus.
Kate said…
Beautiful place. Sorry the stay was so short. Isn't that the way it is though. A place you want to stay, you don't have time. A place you don't, you end up there all week.
Shay said…
That looks lovely. Like something out of a movie ...too bad you couldnt extend your stay a little.
*karendianne. said…
Oh my gosh, how gorgeous. What a lovely trip.
Kathy said…
What a pretty setting and I love the car in the first photo!

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