Tuesday's Orts

Tuesday's Orts--thoughts and bits of my week that end up here.
  • Last week when my sister Kathy was here she brought her laundry over from her hotel and we hung out for a few hours (Mom was here for part of that), then went to a quilt shop and finally out to dinner with her daughter and boyfriend.  Sure wish Kathy lived less than 1900 miles away so we could do this more often.  Like once a week.  And there would be quilting circle time too.
  • On Thursday I took an out of town trip with my friend Pat.  We met at the office and then headed toward the 101 freeway.  There was a heron/crane resting on top of the light standard as we went up the onramp leaving town.  That was a new sight!
  • Our destination was Pismo Beach, a lovely drive through the rolling hills of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties to the sea.  I dressed for cold weather and regretted it, especially the long-sleeved turtleneck, as it was an unusual 75 degrees there.
  • Things I Don't Understand:  Strollers for Dogs.  Especially bigger dogs, like the Standard Poodle I saw being pushed around a crowded retail store.  (Of course, I don't understand having to take your dog everywhere with you either.)
  • In a first for my friend Pat, I took her into Quiltin' Cousins, a tiny little quilt shop in a converted bungalow.  She was shocked that I didn't buy anything (see above entry about quilt shop foray the day before).
  • My camera did not make it out of my purse a single time on our excursion.  The sidewalks were crowded with tourists and after a few turns about town past all the touristy shops, including hitting the same main intersection about four times, we headed home.  Said Pat, "That was a long drive for lunch."
  • Our rain totals have reached less than 4 inches so far since the rainy season began (October), so the hills are all brown, brown, brown all over southern/central California.
This sepia tone about approximates the current scenery!


Quilter Kathy said…
I don't understand treating dogs as babies either. I love my dog, and I treat her like a princess sometimes, but she's still a dog!
Love the horizontal lines in that photo!
Libby said…
Pismo Beach! *sigh*

I don't get the dog thing either. I love walking with my dog - good exercise for us both.
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on the dog stroller thing...and especially when you see one being pushed that is overweight!
Marg said…
Love my dog too, but the only time he was ever in a stroller was when my daughter was about 7 and he was a puppy, she put him in her dolls stroller. I think he would be mortified if he was ever out in public in a stroller.
Neither my mother or my sister sew and they live 10 minutes away!
Lee said…
LOL, I laughed when I read the ort about the dogs, because I don't get it either...and it seems we're in good company :)
I'm sure hoping the rains show up during the next few months. I thought we were in for a wet winter with the early ones we got in Oct/Nov, but it's been pretty dry since :(
Shay said…
I don't get the dogs in strollers thing either (or for that matter people who stuff dogs in handbags)or people who dress their dogs in clothes everyday. It's just plain weird to me.
Kate said…
I too am a bit bewildered by the idea of a stroller for dogs.

Hope you get rain soon.
Vivian said…
I'm sure that some dogs are the "children" of a family, and they're treated as children would be treated, but in a stroller? Good grief!
Strange weather all around. Hope you get rain, and we're still waiting for snow.
Denise :) said…
Annie, I can so relate to your wishing your sister lived closer! I have three sisters and they all live over 800 miles away. As does my mom! *sigh* There would be LOTS of family crafting days if any of us lived close together! :) Oh yeah -- I don't get the dog/stroller thing either. A cat would never deign to be pushed in a stroller. LOL!! :)
Lorraine said…
What is the "normal" rain fall for the season? Originally the forecasters here predicted a coolish wet summer.....they have now changed their minds and say therenare going to be some prolonged heat waves ahead...not looking forward to that but I guess it IS summer. ...and I do enjoy the longer daylight hours...

I love Rose to bits but she is a dog and to that end there are no strollers in her future....we both need the exercise that walking provides us. And she doesn't need to come to the shops with me either....I dislike going so she can be spared the experience.

Sounds like you had a lovely visit with your sister.
Stephanie D said…
Wow, if 4 inches is all you've gotten during your "rainy" season, you must be dreading your dry season!

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